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2015’s four biggest tech trends according to Oracle experts

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More and more businesses are going to use hybrid clouds because of businesses realizing the benefits of big data.

What are the biggest technology trends this year? Here are four according to several Oracle experts:

  1. The Internet of Things and the cloud are going to change how governments interact with the citizens. This is according to Khaled AlSaleh and Subramanian Iyer, both senior directors at Oracle Insight. With the cloud, governments would gain a platform where they could deploy services easily and quickly and communicate to a variety of devices. Governments would be able to provide their constituents with better facilities. A smart government would also give way to smart cities, where the Internet of Things would allow the public to gather data about everything from traffic, to pollution levels, to weather conditions, and help them improve their services, efficiency and productivity. For instance, using the Internet of Things, a government unit would be able to gather weather data to see how rain and snow would impact the demands for buses. They can then increase the number of buses going out or decrease it depending on what they find.
  1. IT will get a makeover. Oracle insiders Sten Vesterli and Nitin Manoharan say that IT infrastructures are going to get a makeover. Older processes and systems are slowing down the response times of IT response, as well as decreasing efficiencies. That makes it even more difficult for CIOs to do what they need to do. In 2015, organizations will have the chance to simplify their IT infrastructure to become more responsive and agile. Say goodbye to legacy systems that are based on a variety of technology stacks that are connected to each other haphazardly. Applications will be modernized in order to get ready or the cloud. Speaking of cloud, more and more businesses are going to use hybrid clouds because of businesses realizing the benefits of big data, mobility and the Internet of Things. But in the long run, they will be using the public cloud even for enterprise wide applications.
  1. IT culture will also change, according to Oracle’s Ron de Jong and career coach Karen Armon. As the infrastructure and hardware changes, so will the people. IT leaders and IT professionals will see a shift in the demographics, coupled with new technology, and changes of behavior in both the business and customers. IT professionals will need to deepen their skills, learn new expertise, and find more career growth. They would also need to innovate, which means that IT will have to stop focusing on budgets, and start encouraging innovation.
  1. Privacy will continue to be a key issue. With big data and more and more people creating and leaving data online, privacy will again take center stage in 2015. Oracle’s Ron Batra and Amitava Ghosh deal with big data & online security, and they say that people may see focused marketing too pervasive, even if their individual data are kept private and masked. And there are types of data, such as location information, that the public is simply not comfortable giving out. Businesses would need to ensure that best practices are observed when it comes to data security. Password protection and the minimization of the data you provide online. Security features on Web sites should be optimized and customized. Encryption levels should also be strengthened.

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