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3 Reasons Why MySQL Consulting Professionals Love Oracle’s MySQL Cloud Service

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With MySQL Cloud Service, you can expect the best support at any time or day.

MySQL consulting services allow you to monitor the performance of your MySQL and to use the most popular and powerful open source database in the world. A majority of the world’s top companies rely on MySQL.

One of the deployments you can consider for MySQL is using the MySQL service that is powered by Oracle Cloud. MySQL consulting professionals appreciate the simple provisioning of MySQL databases using only a few clicks, and it is integrated with Oracle Cloud Services and other Oracle products. Tools also make it easier for you to manage your database and to automate routine admin tasks.

What are the top reasons why MySQL consulting services love MySQL on Oracle Cloud?

  1. Very secure. MySQL consulting services help you find ways to become more secure while moving to the cloud. MySQL cloud has advanced features that you cannot find in any other offering and that helps protect your databases from hacking and other attacks. Your data and information are safe, thus you can also adhere to regulatory requirements. Oracle’s Public Cloud is secure out of the box. MySQL Cloud Service, on the other hand, uses the security features you find on MySQL Enterprise Edition. This gives you multi-layered security when you access Public Cloud or when keeping your data safe.

These layers include the following:

– Protection: Safeguard against threats with MySQL Enterprise Firewall using real-time protection from hacking attacks that target your database. Meanwhile, Network Access Control allows you to restrict and manage connections to MySQL instances.

– Authentication: MySQL Enterprise Authentication is modular and very easy to use and integrate to your current security infrastructures. You can use Single Sign-on to access MySQL.

– Audit: With MySQL Enterprise Audit, you can use policy-based audit compliance on your applications. This means that you gain stronger controls and ensure regulatory compliance.


  1. Integrated, available and scalable. Using MySQL Cloud means that you gain more computer resources when you need it. No matter how big your workloads get, you can still have the best performance from the service. MySQL Replication Monitoring ensures that your applications are up and running all the time.What’s more, MySQL Cloud has seamless IaaS and PaaS integration. That means that you can quickly have a development environment using Oracle Application Container Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud. You could also use Oracle Storage Cloud to set up a VPN between Oracle Cloud and other onsite systems.


  1. Top-notch support services. With MySQL Cloud Service, you can expect the best support at any time or day. When you work with a MySQL consulting professional on MySQL Cloud Service, you can get help from the experts! Sometimes, technical support is provided by the very engineers who have worked with MySQL products.


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