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5 Things to do When Choosing the Best Cloud Big Data Platform

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When choosing your cloud platform, be prepared to analyze in detail all the options available to ensure that you get what you really need, at the right cost.

Having the right platform for your cloud big data is critical in achieving the functionalities required for your big data analytics, integration and process management.

With many service offerings available, there are few critical things you need to do when selecting the right platform. Here are the top five things you need to focus on doing.

  1. Fully understand your needs.

In order to pick the most appropriate platform for your organization, it is fundamental that you have a full understanding of your needs. Without going through this process, you will not be able to accurately assess which option meets your specific requirements.

  1. Select a database model.

A database cloud that is capable of providing you a full control of a dedicated database instance is the ideal choice. Check if the database can provide you with greater flexibility. How about a backup service that allows you to back up on-premise databases to the cloud?

  1. Pick a cloud service or platform.

When selecting a cloud platform, choose the one that can provide you a fast and easy way to move to the cloud. You will not go wrong with a platform that will help you create and deploy new applications, as well as migrate your existing applications from your on-premise environment to the cloud. Select a platform that also enables you to analyze and process huge amount of data.

It is also worth checking if the cloud service provider has a credible portfolio of integrated services, such as infrastructure, platform, applications and data. How about a high adoption record and a solid reputation in the industry?

  1. Evaluate if the product features match your particular needs.

Reviewing the functionalities is a critical process. This ensures the platform you will choose supports your particular business needs.

Have a checklist and analyze all the details. Run tests to determine whether the big data applications are efficient to handle.

Address all your concerns about the functionalities. Does the cloud platform allow you to have full administrative control over the service with automated backup, recovery, and high-availability capabilities? Does it have a hosted development platform that will enable your IM team to manage better the application lifecycle?

These are just some of the services you need to review when choosing the right platform.

  1. Consider the total project cost.

It is critical that you look at the entire project cost and not just the platform cost. When reviewing the best platform for cloud big data project, many companies mainly focus on the cost of the system, as well as the operational and management expenditures. However, the overheads related to personnel are almost always ignored, not taking into consideration that the cost of human resources can be incredibly high.


In summary, be prepared to analyze in detail all the options available to ensure that you get what you really need, at the right cost.

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