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Make your App Developer’s Life Easier with Lightweight UI Toolkit

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 The Lightweight UI Toolkit offers you a fully customizable library so that you could make user interfaces the way you want them to look.

App developers often struggle with user interface.  This is what most users would see, so it is important that your user interface would have all the functionality that your app offers while also making it easy to use and making sure it does not look cluttered. It is very possible that an app developer would spend hours and days on end just writing the code for their apps’ user interfaces.

No longer.  Oracle offers developers an easy way to come up with a great user interface without needing too much work with its Lightweight UI Toolkit.

The Lightweight UI Toolkit gives you a library of user interface components that you could use for your apps, whether you are planning to release it on Android, on the Web, for use on desktops or Apple devices.  These components are cross-platform and may be used on any operating system and works well on any size screen.  Plus, Oracle has made sure that these components are easy to customize according to your preferences.


The good news is that the library of components is very lightweight, so that your user interface would not be a burden to your application.  Every component has a small footprint.  But do not think that these are simple and plain, in fact these components can include animations, layout controls, 3-D, transitions and other modern capabilities.  Even so, these components can easily be bundled with any application you have and still have a small JAR file.  For example, a simple application is only less than 200kb, while richer applications often have JAR file sizes that are a fraction of MIDlet apps.

And even if you are working with ready-made components, you still have full control of the appearance.

Now you can easily include a stunning and light user interface to your apps that can also include lists, controls and forms.  All that without having to spend too much time with it.

Works with any mobile device

Because the library is written in Java, these components are very portable.  You could use it on any device running on any operating system.  You can use it on iOS devices, Android devices, Windows Phone or Blackberry.

You also would not have to worry about screen sizes as these modules support various screen sizes.

With JSR 184, you could even have 3-D acceleration built into your user interfaces.  Touch screen input is also supported.

So instead of worrying about how your app’s user interface would work and look on different mobile devices, Lightweight UI Toolkit takes care of that!  You are sure to have a consistent look and feel for your user interface, no matter what device the user is using.


The Lightweight UI Toolkit offers you a fully customizable library so that you could make user interfaces the way you want them to look.  But do not stop there, you could also modify and leverage these components to come up with your own components.

Call Four Cornerstone today and gain the benefits of using Oracle’s Lightweight UI Toolkit and make your developers’ lives easier.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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