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Application Development with Oracle Database 12c

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 These are just some of the advantages that you could gain with Oracle Database 12c with regard to application development.

The underlying database that you use would largely dictate how well your application works and how efficient it is.  And this is why you should have Oracle Database 12c working for you.

With Oracle Database 12c, you not only get a relational database that is made for the cloud, but you also have access to Oracle Multitenant that makes it easier for you to develop applications for the cloud!

Oracle Database 12c also gives you a secure, high performing, highly scalable and available platform for your applications, regardless of whether it is for big data, data warehousing or online transaction processing.  It really does not matter what development technology you use, be it PHP, .NET, Java, Perl, Oracle APEX, SQL, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, C or C++, you will get the same performance and power you could expect from Oracle Database 12c!

Not only that, but Oracle has made Oracle Database 12c even better with new features.

1.     There are new features for the access infrastructure and APIs on Oracle Database.  You get Oracle Multitenant that allows you to have transportable tablespace for your databases and gives you the benefits of pluggable databases.  Plus, you also have new SQL data types that allow you to handle new data types.  You can also scale easily using the Database Resident Connection Pool, and there is added support for runtime load balancing for your Universal Connection Pool.

2.     Your applications would enjoy high-reliability and availability with new features, including app continuity transaction guard and consolidated HA events notification, among others.

3.     Oracle Database 12c also improves your application’s usability by detecting dead connections, client-side deployment descriptor, row count per iteration when using array DML and intelligent connectivity for clients, among others.

4.     Oracle Database 12c also has enhance policy and permission management for Java, better security for Java Database Connectivity, as well as a range of advance security options.

5.     In Oracle Database 12c, you would not have problems if you need to migrate your apps.

Oracle Database Cloud Service

However, these improvements are not all you could get with Oracle Database 12c.  There is Oracle Database Cloud Service, which not only allows you to get an application development tool, but also enables you to deploy your applications instantly, as well as other additional features as a fully managed offering from Oracle.

Oracle SQL Developer

With Oracle Database, you also get a development environment for your PL/SQL apps using Oracle SQL Developer.  Not only that, you also get easy management of your database, data modeling capabilities, reports and a migration platform for other databases into Oracle.

Oracle Application Express

Further, you get access to Oracle Application Express, which allows you to develop Web applications for the Oracle Database 12c.  With Oracle Application Express, you can get professional apps without having to code, and using only your Web browser.

These are just some of the advantages that you could gain with Oracle Database 12c with regard to application development.  If you are having problems developing your apps, Oracle Database 12c might make things easier for you.  Four Cornerstone can help you get Oracle Database 12c up and running in no time.  We can also handle your custom application development needs.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help.

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