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Augmented Reality Use Cases in the Enterprise

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Augmented reality will be able to see if the inventory for a particular item is running low.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to add contextual information to just about everything. You might have used it before. The technology has been around for more than two decades now and if you have a smartphone, with a camera and GPS, you probably have used augmented reality before. You could use your phone and open the camera, point it at a restaurant and on your screen it would show the latest reviews, the menu and the prices. You could train your camera at a landmark and see interesting facts about it right on screen.

So augmented reality allows you to access relevant data to your surroundings. But how is it used in business?

  1. Nurses could use augmented reality to help reduce medical error. A nurse could wear Google Glass and the device would provide medical information about a certain patient, including notes from doctors and other nurses who worked the shifts before. It could also verify that the nurse is talking to the right patient through facial recognition. Google Glass could also perform retinal scans to get the patient’s vital signs and other data. Google Glass could further identify the medications being given to the patient and alert the nurse or doctor if there are possible counter-indications.
  1. Augmented reality in the warehouse. In a fulfillment warehouse, an employee would need to find a product, scan its barcode and then get it to another person who will scan the barcode again to ensure that they are delivering the right item. Augmented reality can help save time and effort. It can show the picker where the item is and then scan the barcode to make sure it matches the item on the order form. Then that person would take the items to another person who would be using a visor and augmented reality to visually check if all the items are there, or if there are some items that are missing.
  1. Augmented reality in stores. There are a lot of applications that you could do with augmented reality when it comes to your store. For example, augmented reality will be able to see if the inventory for a particular item is running low. Customers could just train their smartphone camera at any item they want and information about that item shows up on the screen. Better yet you could use augmented reality to see what is not there. For instance, the IKEA catalogue allows you to see how a particular piece of furniture would look in your own living room. Augmented reality is also a great way to make dressing rooms obsolete. You can scan a dress and then see how it looks on your with augmented reality.

These are just some of the uses cases in businesses for augmented reality. Call Four Cornerstone and ask about our Oracle consulting in Dallas. You can easily discover what you need in order to take advantage of augmented reality in your business. So contact us today!

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