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Some Basic Facts about Oracle Java Wireless Client

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 Oracle Java Wireless Client works with a wide variety of operating systems because it includes a reference-porting feature for Java VM.

If you want to use a top-notch Java ME implementation, then look no further than Oracle Java Wireless Client.

Oracle Java Wireless Client gives you a feature-rich, complete and comprehensive application environment that would be perfect for mass market mobile devices.  This way, you can get your apps to market as fast as possible, without it suffering from bad programming and inconsistent application platform.

With Oracle Java Wireless Client, you already have optimized and customized implementations along with easy access to a full range of developer tools.

Java ME

Oracle Java Wireless Client is based on Java ME, which is found in more than 3 billion mobile devices.  Java ME is known as the best way to deliver content to mass market smartphones, tablets and devices.  You would be working with a standard-based specification.

Oracle Java Wireless Client also gives you a great runtime environment and allows you to access an extensive set of tools and functionality so that you could come up with a mobile app and mobile content that is full of features!  You also get better graphics performance, multitasking and an overall better user experience for your applications.

Oracle Java Wireless Client already has a comprehensive set of features and optimizations out of the box but you can still tune it further if you are integrating with device platforms.  This will help you get the best performance time from app execution, start-up times and even its look and feel.

Faster time to market

Oracle Java Wireless Client also supports the top operator specifications, such as clarifications to Java ME JSRs, APIs that are operator-specific, system requirements for application management, testing requirements and user interface policies.  This allows you to ensure that your app meets the specific operator requirements quickly and easily.  You no longer have to test the pre-built extensions, they already conform to standards.

Cross platform

Oracle Java Wireless Client works with a wide variety of operating systems because it includes a reference-porting feature for Java VM.  You could also use various tools that are already included in the Oracle Java Wireless Client to modify, customize and configure your app without having to change the binary VM image.

Other things you should know about Oracle Java Wireless Client:

  1. It comes as a source code of industry standard JSRs.
  2. It also comes as turnkey implementation by Oracle and its porting partners.
  3. It is usually pre-integrated with Brew MP, MediaTek and other leading device platforms.
  4. It helps your developer be more productive with its Java ME software development kit.  The SDK helps developers code, edit, compile, sign, obfuscate and package the applications they have.  It can also be tested and debugged even on Mac OS X and Windows machines.
  5. It also allows you to use Lightweight User Interface Toolkit, which gives you the chance to come up with visually stunning and advanced user interfaces as fast as possible.

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