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What are the benefits of using Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance?

Recovery Appliance reduces backup and restore costs. 60% less storage and 90% less networking.

Some of your most important applications run on Oracle’s databases. This is the reason why for most business and IT leaders, making sure that their databases are always available and at peak performance is one of their top priorities. You simply cannot settle for just so performance, and you cannot afford for database to be offline even for just minutes a day. This is because a slowdown in either performance or availability means a disruption to your businesses, which in turn leads to poor revenues and lost data. Is it any wonder why protecting your database is important?

Data loss comes from a variety of factors. There could be mistakes in administering your database. Your system or storage media could fail. You could be a target of a cyber attack. These are just some scenarios that could lead to data loss. More often than not, however, data loss could be prevented if we pay more attention to general use backup system, the lifeblood of data protection.

The truth is that a lot of current data protection solutions we have now do not meet the requirements needed to protect your business critical databases. This is because most data protection systems only see your database as one of the files that it has to copy, instead of treating them as specialized files and resources that it should protect better. The generic approach of “all files are equal” to backup and recovery will not only make you vulnerable to data loss, but it will also have negative effects on performance.

Notably, it will be more difficult to recover your database in time.

Oracle Database data loss: Making sure you take out all the risk

The good news is that Oracle does not believe in this generic approach to backup and recovery. The company launched the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. The Recovery Appliance was developed just to protect Oracle Databases, and nothing else. This means that it has been engineered and designed to make sure that your databases are safe, and by extension, your business critical application as well.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance guarantees that you would be able to recover your Oracle Databases to whatever point in time you want to go back to. It has tight integration with Oracle Database, which allows it to protect every transaction, as well as helps you do deep data validation and can even alert you if there are issues before it becomes a problem.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance uses incremental-forever backups. It can protect even ongoing transactions, allowing you to have sub-second recovery point objective. In short, there are no gaps in between; eliminating the risk of losing your data while your database is being written on.

Furthermore, Recovery Appliance monitors all changes and can come up with a point-in-time map. What you get is a database that you can recover to any point in time, anytime.

The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the first engineered system in the world that was designed solely for protecting your Oracle Database.

Become better performing and more agile

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance takes away backup related processes that can slow down your applications. Instead of sacrificing performance, you can just use Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance for deduplication, validation, maintenance, and deletion of backups.

With Recovery Appliance doing all the work, your databases are focused on delivering what they need to do and can forget about backup-related processes. This way, you avoid the 25 per cent slow down in performance that you usually see in your production system.

Recovery Appliance will also focus on the changes made on your database, which means it can speed up backup time by up to 90 per cent. It will also take care of all peripheral archive and backup processes. You no longer have to worry about tape backups, remote replications, and disk backups. Plus, you can manage all of these from one framework. In short, your database administrator can just use the things they learned from using Oracle Enterprise Manager to work with Recovery Appliance so there are no learning curves.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance also has advanced reporting and monitoring for storage. This makes it easier for your database administrator to plan capacity needs and manage the throughput. This in turn makes you more agile and efficient.

Lowers the costs associated with backup and recovery

Recovery Appliance features a tight integration with Oracle Database, allowing you to scale more easily and be able to protect all your cloud and on-premise databases. You can use policy-based automation to help you cut management costs for your backups.

Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance also allows you to manage disk, tape, and remote backups, all in one place, giving you an easier time in protecting your data throughout its lifecycle. It also allows you to use more affordable storage solutions and simplify your backup operations.
In short, Recovery Appliance lowers your backup and restore costs by reducing the amount of networking, management, and storage needed to protect your databases. How much more? Oracle says that Recovery Appliance requires 60% less storage and 90% less networking resources.

* * *
If you have Oracle Databases that are needed for your mission critical applications, then you should know that there is a better way to protect your database. With Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, you can avoid costly downtimes that can average $9,000 a minute. Plus, you can save on your backup costs. With no data loss whatsoever, you get your data protected without the headaches and complexity you get from traditional backup solutions.

There is no better company to trust than Oracle if you want to secure your Oracle Databases. The Recovery Appliance is designed from scratch to help you get the best backup and recovery technology, without having to learn anything new, keeping everything simple and less costly.

Photo courtesy of Oracle.


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