The Benefits of Oracle Database Appliance to Independent Software Vendors

Oracle Database Appliance

The concept of single managed entities looks really attractive for independent software vendors.  Single managed entities refer to when you have one source for your applications, database, middleware, operating system, hypervisor and hardware.  This allows you to have single handshake, single update and one throat to choke.  Independent software vendors can easily use Oracle Database Appliance with their current software stack to create a single managed entity, helping them lower the risks and also simplifying everything – from development, support and deployment of their software.  This also helps cut the time to set up and run new deployments and updates.

That is easy to say and easier to claim, but how do all these translate to money saved?  Wikibon provides the answers.

For one, deploying Oracle software and products for your database services helps you save up to 26% in costs.  According to Wikibon, traditional deployments usually require 60% more cores, or somewhere between 120 to as many 192 processor cores.  If you have 192 more cores, that would cost you around $1.4 million in the next three years, so it is better to have a latency optimized Oracle database deployment with only 120 processor cores.

These savings come primarily from lower licensing costs.

Not just about money

Meanwhile, you also get to avoid complexity, because you have fewer integration points to think about, as well as fewer unique problems that would certainly complicate support for users and vendors.

And because you have a simple system to work with, you can maximize your staff by having them work on more important things.  Without too many technical problems with single manage entities, your employees are free to focus on other tasks and you get to concentrate on your business.  Plus, you would need fewer skills from your IT staff as you do not need to get different experts who would be covering different environments.

Integrators and independent software vendors can also use Oracle Database Appliance to help their users get better margins, improve their customer support and service, and give them faster time to market.  If you work with an appliance based solution, you will have no problems with regression testing.  And that would help you deliver new features and even entirely new products to your users faster.  And it cycles too.  With less integration points to worry about, you get to save money from application development or maintenance.

Also, when you standardize your software and hardware, you get fewer support calls.  That helps you save money from staffing your support desk.  With fewer calls to take care of, you would need less staff to man your support hotlines.  Furthermore, your support calls would involve only a few unique issues, which make resolution faster because you have resolved that issue in the past.

Benefits for your customers

That benefit also extends to your users.  Without the complexity, your users would enjoy faster time to market and give value to their products.  This is true whether it is their first time to deploy your software or even when you are upgrading or updating.

Want to learn more about Oracle Database Appliance and its many benefits?  Call Four Cornerstone today!

Photo courtesy of Oracle Blog.


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