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The Many Benefits of using Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X4-2

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Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 is a turnkey solution from Oracle that brings together the storage, network and compute resources in one platform.  You get an easy to deploy hardware and software solution that you can effortlessly scale.  You also get the platform to easily scale and deploy your applications.

The many benefits of using Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 include the following:

  1. With Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2, you get a fully redundant and highly available system that includes networking, management, storage and compute elements.  This would help you cut hundreds of IT manpower hours because you no longer have to manually install and configure everything.
  1. You get to avoid the risk of not correctly configuring the software and the hardware.
  1. You can also scale up however you want, which makes the Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 not only easy to deploy but also to easy grow and manage.  You get a base configuration of two compute nodes and you can just add more compute nodes as you need it.
  1. You only have one price for all the components inside the Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 – from the hardware to the software that you need for it to run.  This helps you cut your costs and avoid the trouble of integrating different technologies from different vendors.  With Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2, you only work with Oracle, the best in the field.
  1. Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 allows you to access more than 100 Oracle Templates that helps you speed up the deployment of your Oracle software.  This means that you can also speed up deploying your application from the usual days of waiting to only hours.  Templates that are available are from a wide variety of widely used software including Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, and Oracle Hyperion, among others.
  1. Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 is also compatible with the operating systems you are currently using.  It works with Oracle Solaris, Microsoft Windows or Linux.  That means that you can run different workloads on a single system.
  1. With Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2, you get software-defined network with Oracle SDN and Oracle Fabric Interconnect.  This means that you get a low latency infrastructure that you only wire once.
  1. You can use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c with the appliance to get into the cloud faster.  Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 is just the perfect platform for private clouds.
  1. You can use the appliance with storage that comes from Oracle or any other third party companies.  This means you do not have to throw money away by letting you get the most out of your investments, while also ensuring that you can integrate it into your current data center seamlessly.
  2. You can be more flexible when it comes to licensing because you are allowed to license based on the number of virtual CPUs you use.
  3. You will be dealing with Oracle for both hardware and software.

If you want to gain the convenience, performance, reliability and scalability that only Oracle Virtual Computer Appliance X4-2 can give you, then call Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377 1144.  We can help you with everything from licensing to deployment.

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