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The Benefits of Using Oracle WebCenter

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Oracle WebCenter can help you bridge the gap between how your employees work and how you operate.

Oracle touts its Oracle WebCenter as the “Center of Engagement.”  But what is it really?

Oracle WebCenter actually has two different consumer bases.  First, it is a product that is directed at developers, giving them a development environment with WebCenter Services and Framework.  And it is also for business users with its collaboration and social networking tools.

Ultimately, it helps businesses like yours to manage portal creation, experiences, content and collaboration.

What are the benefits of using Oracle WebCenter?

1. Oracle WebCenter Sites can help improve sales and loyalty by allowing you to give your online customers an interactive and rich experience on your online sites, as well as better social engagement.  You should be able to deliver these consistently, whether you are on social networks, mobile or the Web.  You would also need to ensure that your customers have the same experience even when they are offline.

WebCenter Sites can help you target and personalize content, as well as provide you with analytics, optimization, user-generated content, mobile site management, integration with top social networking platforms and other similar tools.

2. Oracle WebCenter Portal can help your business become more agile.

WebCenter Portal can help you become a social enterprise, where you mix social activities with your business applications.

It gives you a comprehensive and open enterprise portal and an applications platform. What’s more, it helps you give your customers a more customized experience!

3. You can easily access the right information in the right context.

You have access to a huge amount of information that you are not able to maximize for one reason or another.  With Oracle WebCenter Content, you can easily manage content through all stages of its lifecycle.  This is without making it complex for users to access the same content.  Your users can easily access both structured and unstructured information, making it easy for you to take full advantage of it.  What’s more, WebCenter Content can give you full-text search, mobile app access, version control, retention and access controls.

In short, Oracle WebCenter can easily transform your enterprise into a social business.  It helps you ensure that your users have the best experiences as well as easy access to the right information at the time.

You can share information both with internal and external users.  You can also get more productivity and collaboration from your users.  Further, it allows you to break free from the confines of traditional hardware.  Oracle WebCenter can work compatibly with a desktop or laptop computer as well as even the most advanced mobile devices.

Oracle WebCenter can help you bridge the gap between how your employees work and how you operate.

If you have been wanting to take advantage of the benefits that only Oracle WebCenter can give you, give Four Cornerstone a call.  Four Cornerstone can help you install, maintain and deploy Oracle WebCenter, as well as a host of other Oracle software and products.  We can even provide training for your IT staff and business users.   Do not wait any longer; all it takes is just one call!

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