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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Platforms

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Data integration tools will become mainstream in the next few years.

Gartner has recently said that by 2017, a great percentage of businesses would be able to use tools and software that are self-service in nature in order to prepare their data for study and analysis.

Gartner also said that the emergence and continued use of data discover, access to unstructured and multi-structured data, as well as smart capabilities would drive this democratization of access to data analytics and underline the need for stricter governance.

If you are into business intelligence, this is probably something that you have been wanting to hear for a very long time. Preparing your data takes a lot of time and can prove to be very difficult. Not even the most advanced analytics tools and platform and data discovery tools could currently help make data preparation easier. Over the recent months, however, we have seen the rise of data preparation capabilities that help analysts and other business users to do more by themselves. And these tools touch on information and data management as well as extract, transform and load capabilities. These new tools allow users to get access, do some data profiling, prepare, integrate, model, curate and even enrich the data that they are going to use for analysis or to load onto business intelligence and data analytics platforms.

Instead of relying on traditional IT, data integration will be done on a self-service basis. This is similar to what happened to business intelligence involving data discovery. In time, preparing your data would be very simple and can be very easy and fast to do. You will no longer have to get IT personnel to do it, and instead have the end user do it for themselves.

Data integration, however, would need specific skills. You would need the technical know-how of data integration, as well as knowing the requirements of the business in the process.

Data integration tools will become mainstream in the next few years, and this would be integrated with data discovery tools. And this will likely spur business intelligence and data discovery software vendors to include more advanced data integration tools into their offerings in an effort to meet market demands while also adding value to their own services.

Gartner also forecasts that most data discovery software and tools will have some sort of smart data discovery features to augment their interactive analysis reach. This will give rise to smarter pattern detection, which would also make way for self-service data preparation. Indeed, because of new technologies and capabilities, it would be possible to partially automate the preparation of data, as well as data discovery. A business analyst would then be access the data easily.

And because of smart data discovery features, semi-automated data preparation and data discovery, user interfaces on business intelligence tools would become simpler as well. This makes it easier for a wide range of business users to do their data preparation by themselves.

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