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Business Intelligence just got legal

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Business Intelligence is more than just data and reports.

Winning a legal case is every law firm’s goal. With all the intricate details and complex data that you need to gather, review and analyze, how can you be more efficient and effective in gaining insights? How can you achieve a more informed decision?

After all, it’s the quick and full understanding of all the available information that will help you make critical decisions to win the case.

You can shoot as many questions and collect as many data as possible. But if you are not doing it fast and efficient, and with no structured system to have data integrity and accuracy, your chance of winning the case becomes more challenging.

The good news is that there is a modern technology that will not only ease the tedious task of uncovering more useful insights about the case. It will also offer you tools to be more effective in investigating and monitoring all the relevant data.

The benefits of Business Intelligence to law firms

While Business Intelligence has been widely used in many enterprises such as retail, banking, hospitality and other mainstream industries, it is yet to achieve the same level of popularity among legal firms.

Nevertheless, many law firms have started to take a closer look at Business Intelligence and how the solution can improve not just the legal review process but also client relationship and brand development. As such, you achieve a strong competitive advantage.

When you have the knowledge and skills of a legal service professional, having the technology to boost your performance will deliver insurmountable results.

Using Business Intelligence in your business process workflows and legal project management will help you to be more strategic and efficient in your approach. Reviewing documents and harnessing data become an easier task, as you are able to access all the information real-time.

Imagine cutting back the time and cost involved in the review process. With BI, you will be more organized and productive. You can maximize your business results and achieve a higher level of success.

Business Intelligence is more than just data and reports. BI turns data into actionable intelligence so that you can make informed strategic decisions. It empowers you to explore the data freely and examine carefully what the data tells you so you can take meaningful action.

BI solution is not limited to the legal processes of a law firm; it also covers the administrative and accounting aspects of the business. BI integrates money management and e-billing. This feature drives savings because invoices are pre-screened both for accuracy and compliance, with performance guidelines. BI tools also help forecast how pricing and staffing decisions will affect the project. The tools also allow you to track your budget real-time and make necessary adjustments when needed.

Change the way you think about increased profitability in your law firm with the use of Business Intelligence. Find out how you can achieve BI success in your law firm by contacting Four Cornerstone. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas offers an end-to-end BI litigation solution that is based on consultative, metrics-driven approach.

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