What would business technology be in 2015?

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This year, we have seen an influx of companies getting into some form of big data initiative and we are going to see more in 2015.

What are the business trends and technologies that you should be aware of in 2015?

  1. Hybrid clouds will dominate in 2015. When it comes to cloud computing, the discussions about public and private clouds will give way to user needs. Companies will be going with the cloud solution that meets their needs, rather than the platform itself. That means more and more companies will be looking at what applications and services would serve them best, be it on the private cloud, the public cloud, or on premise.
  1. Dev-ops will become important in 2015. Because of the rise and prominence of the cloud, it will be necessary to have customized apps that work on them. Plus companies are also going to want to deploy their best programmers in order to come up with apps that would help differentiate their offerings from the others, and allow them to have a greater share of the market. You can rely on Oracle Cloud platform as a service to come up with apps and extensions that are built on the same programming languages that the software giant uses.
  1. Data encryption will be given more attention. Because of the high profile hacks in 2014, there is a new understanding of what hackers could do as far as business espionage is concerned. The good news is that, Oracle’s Cloud is able to encrypt all the data in its applications and in the database itself.
  1. Data capital will be much discussed. In 2015, data capital will share the stage with big data. Data will have a value and it will be needed to create new services and products, as well as be used as financial capital. There would be increased efforts to secure and gather more data faster, at a lower cost, and less risk.
  1. 3D printing will finally be mainstream. A lot of different industries will be using 3D printing in 2015. 3D printing will be responsible for creating artificial body parts to replacement parts. Plus, prices for 3D printers will become much more affordable within the year.
  1. When it comes to big data, visualization tools and self-service discovery will be very much in demand. This will help business managers crunch and understand the data that they are looking at. These tools will be very easy to use with intuitive interfaces and algorithms that will make exploration of big data very simple.
  1. The Internet of Things will reach tipping point this year. You will see more things connected in far more industries from car insurance to clothing to parking garages.
  1. Voice recognition will finally help you operate computers and mobile devices. If you hate typing or tapping, you will rejoice to find out that visual interfaces and voice recognition will soon be n more consumer devices in 2015. And it is not just Siri, but a whole host of business technology as well.
  1. Big data. This year, we have seen an influx of companies getting into some form of big data initiative and we are going to see more in 2015. This year, however, you will see better and more discovery tools in use as well as increased efforts in attracting, developing and retaining big data talent.

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