Case Study: Wm Morrison Supermarkets – How Oracle helped the company improve control and have better-informed decision-making tools.

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Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC is the fourth biggest food seller in the United Kingdom.  The century-old store has 476 locations that serve around 9 million customers every single week.  It is also the second-biggest food manufacturer in that country.

As you can imagine, the company has a lot of data to work with.  And the company wanted to make sure that it is able to bring together all the data it has from different locations from a large number of financial, retail, warehousing, and manufacturing applications and be able to analyze these all so that it would have a unified view of the entire company leading to better customer service.  Other things that Morrisons deemed vital for their operations are:

  1. to have a central data warehouse platform that has enough capacity to support the complex business intelligence queries while also being able to handle the growing amount of data that have to be handled;
  2. Improve its capabilities to meet their customers’ changing needs; and
  3. grow its share in the convenience store industry.

The company also wanted to use only Oracle so that they could get strategic support and alignment for all of their applications and hardware.

What did the company do?

First, it purchased Oracle Exadata Database Machine, replacing HP Superdome to increase processing power and capacity.  This allowed them to get faster analysis and informed decision-making for their business groups, including warehousing, retail and manufacturing.  Then it rolled out Oracle Manufacturing Analytics to help get a view of its product lines, lead times and volumes even from different manufacturing sites.  This gave them a company-wide view of all locations, including bakeries, fish processing plants and slaughterhouses.

Morrisons also started giving its senior management business intelligence reports and analysis, rather than giving them only raw data.  This helped senior managers make better decisions.  Further, financial reports and detailed sales analysis reports now only take seconds to generate because they used Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate.  Likewise, weekly sales report now only takes half an hour to finish instead of the usual one day.  Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator also helped bring in new information data into Oracle Exadata.

The company also used Oracle Retail to help employees do iterative analysis, which allowed them to understand their customers better. Morrisons also applied Oracle Advance Monitoring and Resolution to help solve Oracle Exadata issues as soon as they arise.  The company was also able to get superior data compression rates that ensure that they will have adequate capacity to handle even large data volumes.

With all these, Morrisons was able to drastically save time from operational reporting activities while also improving its analytical capabilities.  Both of which enabled the company to improve control and have better-informed decision-making tools.

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Article source: Oracle Customers

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