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How CIOs Role is Changing with Cloud’s Emergence

As a CIO, embrace cloud computing and its remarkable advantages.

As a CIO in today’s changing business environment, you play a great role in achieving better business performance for your organization. Why? Because the company’s technology infrastructure and systems lie in your hands, which are important aspects of running a business.

Many enterprises, from startups, small and medium businesses to large organizations, view cloud computing as the new trend.

This offers a perfect timing for CIOs to take advantage not only for the success of the organization but their career as well.

Cloud delivers many essential benefits to many organizations, particularly quick deployment, flexibility, and cost savings. Along with its advantages are some concerns, one of which is security.

But while some companies consider cloud security a concern, forward-thinking CIOs turn this into an opportunity to have an in-depth cyber security conversation with other high-level decision makers. With the information collected from cloud service vendors and testimonials from cloud users, CIOs recognize the security measures embedded into the product. The discussion then goes beyond security concerns. Leveraging on the situation, CIOs are now equipped with resolutions and other strategic items to take advantage of the new cloud technology.

CIOs play a crucial role in ensuring the company and customer data are secure. The task starts from checking the code development to the rigorous testing and monitoring of applications with relevant business executives and stakeholders.

With business owners focusing mainly on the functionality of the business application, it is a CIO’s duty to ensure that the application meets all the security requirements at all times. CIOs act as the company’s guardian and police, always scrutinizing how secure an application is.

Role transformation with the new technologies

The rise of cloud computing affects the role of a CIO, and how he handles things in the cloud environment will help him transition effectively to perform a more important role. CIOs grow from handling only the technical responsibilities and support to assuming an innovative, strategic role.

CIOs play a huge responsibility and important role in an organization’s goal to have the right balance between functionality and security, and with a fast turnaround time. The ability to articulate technology in a language that business leaders and financial executives understand is a role transformation for a CIO.

An equally important role, which a modern CIO plays, is collaborating with all relevant parties in the organization. Instead of merely passing the data to business leaders, there is more collaboration taking place between modern CIOs and business executives. With an open mind and comprehensive business insights, modern CIOs listen to business problems and offer technical solutions to resolve critical issues.

As a CIO, embrace cloud computing and its remarkable advantages. With the use of the cloud, you can access meaningful business information and insights that support your organization’s goals. This will pave the way for more success, both for your company and your personal career.

If you want to know more about cloud computing, contact Four Cornerstone. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas will show you how you and your organization will benefit from the cloud.

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