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A Closer Look at the Great Side of Big Data

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The good applications of big data ultimately outweighs the risks and negative points surrounding its usage.

Big data offers an enormous business value to any enterprise, organization and even government bodies. Given the right tools to capture, organize and analyze the massive amount of information, you will be able to have an overview of data patterns and get reports. Moreover, you will be able to find new insights, predict trends and benefit from the various types of available information, which eventually lead to making valuable, innovative business decisions.

Many things have been said in the media about big data in 2014, some of which are not optimistic, unfortunately. Blame it to some data security lapses and the fear of privacy advocates who are getting anxious as more information is collected from the people.

While it’s true that big data can be abused and misused by powerful institutions and individuals with selfish agendas, big data undeniably brings with it valuable advantages larger than risks.

Modern technology brings us to this stage when we have to look positively at progress in order to move forward successfully. The companies and organizations that are leveraging big data with good analytics will absolutely have a huge advantage over those who don’t. Big data offers a deeper and more insightful understanding of your business, which enables you to create better targeted marketing campaigns, improve your business processes and achieve stronger competitive position, which ultimately result to a healthier impact on your bottom line.

Big data’s benefits to the healthcare and social media industries

In the delivery of healthcare services, for instance, big data applications range from provider-specific business intelligence to sifting through extensive health records of one state to identify people who are at risk of certain ailments. Big data can help target early illness signs and improve patient’s health. Healthcare providers also use big data to safeguard patients’ records through identity theft protection platforms and verification technologies. Financial institutions also use this security mechanism.

Even social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook make use of big data for a personalized experience on the web. Without big data, such kind of experience won’t be made possible because such sites require capturing and using the available data about a user to deliver a personalized experience.

With numerous scenarios in the financial, healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries as well as in social media, the good applications of big data ultimately outweighs the risks and negative points surrounding its usage. Along with embracing the benefits of big data, both users and companies must continually strive and be committed to safeguard our sensitive information, ensuring at all times that all data is not compromised.

At the end of the day, the smart and responsible way of using big data is good and beneficial. Having this in mind, it will do our society a huge favor if more people and more enterprises embrace big data.

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