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Why is the cloud a good idea for big data?

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You can get the capacity and processing power you need anytime you need it, which is very important when you are dealing with big data.

When you talk about big data, you often think about the amount and variety of data that you could get from various sources. Eventually, you would have to think about where to put all of these data and still have the processing power to manipulate and analyze it. You would need to work with unstructured and structured data to get the most out of your big data investments. So you would really need a platform that you could use to deliver the performance and speed you need to deal with big data.

Most people are looking to the cloud for this. To be clear, big data is just too big to move, so what we are actually talking about is the analytical tools and software that you use for your analytics.

It would seem that going on the cloud makes sense for big data. Think about how the cloud can be provisioned in just minutes, the cost savings and how it allows you to be more agile in anything.

Why is the cloud a good idea?

  1. Lower costs. The cloud is a great way to cut on costs when you want to support big data technologies and analytics. Using the pay per use model of the cloud, you can still get the horsepower to run even the most advanced analytics on your data and process even the biggest data volumes at a fraction of the cost of buying a faster and better computer. This means that you only pay for the resources that you actually use rather than having to buy an expensive set up just for your big data initiatives and not use it all the time.
  1. Lower overhead. Not only will you be able to save on costs, you will also be able to automate and simplify your big data integration and components, freeing your IT staff to do other more important things. When you get on the cloud, you can relegate some of the IT and technical issues to the vendor, leaving your own IT staff free.
  1. Scalability and quicker time to market. If you need more capacity, you can scale up your cloud resources as easily as purchasing something online. Your cloud environments can also be scaled down when you do not need it. This means that you can get the capacity and processing power you need anytime you need it, which is very important when you are dealing with big data. Stale data provides less value to your business. Also it means that you do not have to pay for capacity and processing power that you do not use. A good example is seen in the life sciences industry wherein you only need big compute processing power for a short time. Cloud environments can easily be provisioned in a matter of minutes, ensuring that you do not lose your data’s value and be able to do what you need to do sooner than later.

Four Cornerstone can help you get on the cloud as well as help you deal with big data. Work with our team of IT experts and be sure that you are doing things right by calling us at 1 (817) 377 1144.

Photo by Lourdes Muñoz Santamaria.

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