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A Look at the Cloud and Storage Deals in 2015

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Cloud computing, data management, storage, and software. These are the technology areas that you should watch out for.

Mergers and acquisitions are a great indicator of technological trends and specific technologies that are going to hit it big in the near future. If a big company acquires a smaller one for its technology, then you should take note because interest usually means that the technology would probably be a game changer, or it would help make your life as a business a whole lot easier.

Cloud computing is one of the areas in technology wherein mergers and acquisitions were strong during the past year. This would like to continue to be strong in 2015. The other areas are in storage and software. The year 2014 saw an upsurge in mergers and acquisitions and according to estimates released by 451 Research, it is going to grow even more this year.

The firm observed that service providers want to avoid commodization by putting up new services in addition to their computing services and offerings.   That said, exclusive ownership and intellectual property is the main drivers in high level and high value mergers such as those seen in software development, information security and performance monitoring.

We have seen great examples of notable mergers in this space. IBM has teamed up with Apple for the Bluemix cloud platform. Bluemix is designed to make it easier for developers to develop, build and run mobile and Web applications. And IBM has since reported that they may be stopping their share repurchase strategy and instead use the money to buy more companies for other cloud projects. Industry watchers are betting their money that IBM would be interested in Internet security firms, as well as those involved in data analytics and cloud storage such as Box, Inc.

In storage, acquisitions have typically led to the forming of a new company. SanDisk Corporation has spun out its unit, ioControl hybrid storage, and it became NexGen Storage. SanDisk will be supplying the new company with PCIe disk and flash drives and NewGen will focus on hybrid flash array. EMC Corporation is strongly rumored to be on the selling block, with Hewlett-Packard and Dell as the most likely suitors.

In addition, 451 Research has also forecasted that data management is another area in technology where we should see more mergers in 2015, because more and more workloads are moving to the cloud. The market research firm also said that positive sentiments from corporate raiders and bankers are going to drive the growth of mergers this year, as well as the Renaissance in the private equity sector.

Cloud computing, data management, storage, and software. These are the technology areas that you should watch out for. Does your business currently have adequate technology to get into these areas? If not, then it is time to call Four Cornerstone at 1 (817) 377 1144.

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