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How cloud is transforming the future of small businesses

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Small businesses are particularly embracing it for a better communication experience because of the integrated services, and at a reduced cost.

Small businesses are reshaping their future using the cloud. Why and how are they doing that?

The days when enterprises have their own on-premises infrastructure, software, and human resources to handle technology matters are slowly heading to the exit door. Cloud computing is now making it to the core of many companies.

The cloud technology offers insurmountable advantages to organizations – from significant cost savings to immediate access, improved efficiency, and increased productivity. The suites of applications available in the cloud provide flexibility for companies to easily scale up or down as needed.

While cloud computing is beneficial to enterprises of any size, its effect on small businesses is greater. With the cloud, you don’t have to purchase expensive infrastructure and technology, which saves small companies a huge amount of money.

Current business environment challenges and the answer

Today’s business setup is becoming more and more mobile, gradually wiping out desktop computers and desk phones, replacing them with mobile devices. Cloud communication is what makes this trend possible.

Having to deal with disjointed systems and devices is so frustrating to employees who are already facing a highly-competitive business environment, yet they are expected to have access anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

In this challenging business environment, Unified Communications (UC) is becoming a popular option. Small businesses are particularly embracing it for a better communication experience because of the integrated services, and at a reduced cost.

This architecture offers a host of services including web, video and audio conferencing; landline, mobile, and Internet convergence, email, fax and instant messaging.

Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite (OCUCS) offers a cloud-ready and innovative solution that enables communications and cloud service providers to deliver valuable services to enterprise users. It allows service providers to offer compelling services to organizations who would like to adopt a highly scalable and reliable platform for secure communication at a reduced cost.

Small businesses journey to the cloud

Gone were the days when small businesses were only using the cloud for email, social media and online banking. Their usage had expanded to multiple cloud applications and tools.

There used to be a huge concern over data security. With the cloud providers’ commitment to provide a more secure infrastructure with strict security measures to keep data safe, enterprises now have a peace of mind to operate safely.

Using cloud computing, your company can enhance business productivity because you can operate and manage tasks 24/7. Collaboration among team members becomes more efficient than before. As a result, customer service can be greatly handled with ease.

If you think your business is small and therefore cloud is a big thing for you, think again. With its flexible and scalable platform, there’s no better solution in the market that can bring many benefits at a low total cost of ownership.

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