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Why dcVAST migrated from VMware to Oracle (case study)

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The Oracle solution is easily deployed and managed, because Oracle can give you deployment documentation.

dcVAST is an IT infrastructure and services management firm that uses VMware.  It came to a point that they were grappling with problems with managing multiple vendors, increasing license cost, inflexibility and the lack of scalability.  The company initiated a search for an alternative that would help lower costs as well as give its Web e-commerce clients better support.

dcVAST checks on a lot of different solutions and different providers, including Cisco, Red Hat, VMware and Oracle, until they settled on a solution that was built around Sun x86 systems – no other than from Oracle.

dcVAST found that Oracle Sun x86 servers with Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Oracle Linux gave them a chance to cut their total cost of ownership by half, compared to both VMware and Cisco.  They have also proven that Oracle provided the same level of virtualization functionality offered by VMware, while its blade technology’s input and output capabilities were much superior than those of other vendors.  The Oracle solution also proved to be more scalable than VMware.  Their evaluations also showed that Oracle Linux was much better than Red Hat in terms of reliability, performance and scalability.

It also helped that Oracle is a proven and trusted provider in terms of quality support.

The Oracle Sun x86 solution

When you choose Sun x86 systems, you have to realize that it is bundled together with your choice of storage, blades, virtualization and operating system, as well as 10 GbE.

Depending on your needs, you could easily replicate dcVAST’s success.  Start off with:

  1. Sun Blade 6000 modular systems for x86.  Modular systems give you the chance to mix and match operating systems, processors, and input and output. You can also get high-density performance with vertical integration.
  1. Oracle Linux.  Only Oracle Linux offers you with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. This gives you 128,000 compute hours of testing daily.  This way you have great uptime.  You also get to enjoy the innovations that come from using Oracle Linux.  You can also patch without taking your system offline.
  1. Oracle VM.  Oracle VM is four times more scalable than the competition at a price lower than others.
  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager.  Oracle Enterprise Manager is the company’s comprehensive cloud lifecycle management software.
  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c.  Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is used for performance management and virtual machine or bare metal provisioning.  This and other tools make Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c the best solution to create, manage and support business-level clouds that are delivered as an IaaS.

Best of all, the Oracle solution is easily deployed and managed, because Oracle can give you deployment documentation.  Even with the scale of dcVAST’s operations, it only took three software and architecture engineers less than a month to complete the implementation of the Oracle solution throughout the entire data center.

Four Cornerstone can help you come up with the same setup as dcVAST’s Oracle solutions so that you could also gain the same benefits that they have seen.  Like Oracle’s proven solutions, Four Cornerstone has Oracle certified professionals who can help you set up any Oracle system.  Call us at 817-377-1144.

If you want to know more about dcVAST’s Oracle solutions, you can read our source here.

Photo courtesy of dcVAST.

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