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Oracle ADF Architecture, visual depiction of the overall architecture, including the model, view, and controller (MVC) components.

Your Business has unique needs and you often find it necessary to develop your own applications that would solve problems and issues that are specific to your organization.

This is where Oracle’s Application Development Framework comes in.

When you use Oracle ADF, you are using the standards-based and mostly non-prescriptive.  This means that you are not bound to a specific implementation approach when you build your own custom J2EE application.  In fact, only one technology option under the Oracle ADF is prescriptive.  All the others, such as POJO, EJB Session Bean and Java Classes, are not.

As you may know, Java EE is very robust and is easily scalable.  This is the reason why it is used for a lot of today’s business applications.  Oracle ADF is able to give you that.

Service Oriented Architecture

Principles of Service Oriented Architecture now dictate that developers should aim for agility when developing applications.  In a way, SOA principles act as a set of best practices that an application developer must adhere to.

Admittedly, however, SOA presents another roadblock for beginner-developers because it requires them to write additional and significantly more code.

Oracle ADF takes care of this.  ADF does not only give you a robust, high-performing and easy-to-maintain applications, but it also offers you agile applications without the added effort on your part.

What all these means is that you do not have to worry about writing code for SOA.  Instead, you get more time to focus on the features of your application.

Benefits: In a Nutshell

So what makes Oracle ADF better than other existing frameworks?  What are its benefits?

  1. Complete solution for all Java EE layers – from the data bindings, view layer, business services and data acces.
  2. Supported by Oracle JDeveloper framework.
  3. You are not dependent on a specific software and hardware vendor.  Just as long as you use an application server that is Java EE compliant, then you are good to go.
  4. It is compatible with Oracle Fusion Applications.  This means that it is going to be supported by Oracle well into the future. It will also help you ease into Oracle Fusion, which is the next generation enterprise app from Oracle.
  5.  Good reusability.  ADF allows you to have enhanced reusability with JSF templating, reusable services, libraries and other tools.
  6. Open source.  ADF’s source code is available for you to see if you have a support license.  This makes it easier for your application developers to understand what goes on in the background. In turn it will help them debug their own applications.

Four Cornerstone has a team of experts that can help you come up with custom application.  Our Oracle ADF consultants have the experience and knowledge to help you use Oracle’s ADF along with its federated technologies, such as Webcenter Suite, Universal Content Management Suite, Business Process Management and SOA 11g.  In short, we help you come up with a custom application that is highly flexible in order to meet your changing needs as a business.  You can work with us and get comfortable with Oracle ADF.  We can also help you transition into Oracle Fusion.

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Photo by Oracle.

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