Engaging your employees has now become easier – with Oracle Work Life Solutions Connection

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With Oracle Work Life Solutions Connection, managers can see the information and see how to coach their staff.

It is no secret that engaged employees are more productive and make the company more profitable. A Gallup report recently showed that employees who figure in the top quartile in terms of engagement often outperform those in the bottom quartile by more than 20 percent in both profitability and productivity.

However, HR and businesses have to contend with another trend: today’s technology has allowed employees to work wherever they want, whenever they want, and this has led to the blurring of lines between their professional and personal lives. It is not surprising that we see more employees burning out and leaving.

This is bad for HR and the company as it is very costly to have trained employees leaving you. And finding skilled employees to replace them and then going through the training process all over again is going to be very difficult. And this is the reason why employee engagement is much more important now than ever before.

If you are using Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, then you should know that engaging your employees has now become easier. With Oracle HCM Cloud’s Oracle Work Life Solutions, you could help you employees put a clear line between their personal and professional lives, ultimately making the relationships between the business and its employees stronger.

With Oracle Work Life Solutions, you can gather data from your employees’ social media activities, mobile applications and wearable devices. You can then use these information together with your enterprise data to gain more insights about your employees, their interests, their life goals and their career aims.   Then you can use the package’s social and gamification features to make everything interesting.

Here are some use cases that you could try:

  • My Wellness allows employees to connect their wearable devices to HR’s wellness and fitness programs. This way, the company can help them track, set and achieve fitness goals. The company could use gamification to give points and badges to employees who reach their fitness goals or are on their way there.
  • My Competition can foster healthy competition among your employees by giving them work-related competitions and contests, such as those relating to energy-saving solutions or naming a new project, software or product. The managers would benefit from these because it would help them identify skills and competencies that they would otherwise have missed, enabling them to assign the right people to new projects.
  • My Reputation can help your people analyze activity on social platforms and see what their talent reputations are among their colleagues and their friends. Meanwhile, managers can see the information and see how to coach their staff.

Note that your employees would need to participate in these programs. They can choose to join a program and opt out of another. Over time, you would get enough data for you to engage your employees on the things that are important to them.

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