Engineered Systems


Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Engineered Systems are a range of appliances and hardware that is designed by Oracle.  These systems are tested and architected by Oracle, and they work together seamlessly.  These are pre-assembled and encompass every tier of the entire technology stack.

Oracle Engineered Systems promise to reduce the complexity and costs, as it is easier to deploy than traditional hardware.  Upgrades and updates are also headache-free.  Meanwhile, you get the fastest, most reliable and economical performance from these engineered systems.  It simplifies your IT investments, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Four Cornerstone is an Oracle Gold Partner.  We have extensive experience and top-notch expertise in deploying Oracle Engineered Systems.  These include several products like Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle Exadata Database Machine.  

Oracle Database Appliance simplifies the deployment, support, and maintenance of your database solutions, thereby saving you both time and money.  Oracle Exadata Database Machine, meanwhile, is designed and engineered to be the most cost effective, most available, and highest performing platform for running your Oracle Database.

Four Cornerstone can help you implement solutions covering a wide range of appliances –from databases, to networking, to clustering and storage.  We can cut down on integration and deployment times while also making sure that integration is as seamless as possible.  Get your engineered systems up and running in just hours instead of weeks or days.

Four Cornerstone’s expertise with Oracle Engineered Systems allows us to get the best performance out of your appliances, while also lowering risks and costs.  

What you can get and discover from our Engineered Systems consulting?

  • Readiness and function.  Is your current platform, infrastructure, and system ready for Engineered Systems?  What do you need in the short- and long-term in order to get the most out of your engineered systems?  Further, how can you benefit from Oracle Engineered Systems?
  • Deployment and implementation. Four Cornerstone can help you select and deploy the right engineered systems for your operations.
  • Modernize and improve your current systems.  From your applications to databases, Four Cornerstone can make these perform better while using engineered systems you are planning to implement.
  • Engineered Systems management.  Four Cornerstone not only deploys Oracle Engineered Systems for you, we can also help you manage these systems.  This will in turn lead to lower cost of operations, while making sure that your engineered systems are scalable, high performing, highly available and stable.

Get the benefits associated with Oracle Engineered Systems.  These make IT very simple, allowing you to do more with your IT investments and finally make your goals more attainable.  Four Cornerstone gives you objective recommendations on Oracle Engineered Systems and can help you through the processes of designing, planning, and deploying these systems.  You can expect fast implementation with low risks, as well as headache-free migration for your existing technology, applications, and business critical software.

Call Four Cornerstone now at (817) 377-1144 and find out how you could gain the efficiencies and benefits of Oracle Engineered Systems today.