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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and the Cloud

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You can use cloud EPM easily and quickly. The process is pretty straightforward and painless.

In this day and age, it seems that every company is seriously talking about the cloud. It is safe to say that a majority of companies all over the world are either considering a cloud-based solution or are already using one.

And why not? There are now a lot of cloud providers out there that you could choose from, and almost every IT function that can be done in house now has a cloud equivalent. On top of availability, there is also a world of benefits that you could gain by getting on the cloud, or moving your solutions to the cloud.

These benefits include enterprise resource planning solutions, as well as other forms of solutions. For one, you can cut initial costs because you pay on a monthly and per user basis. You do not have to put out a huge amount of money up front. And getting on the cloud also means that you use the latest software version. This means that your solutions are always secure, stable, and reliable.

And when you get your enterprise resource planning on the cloud, you get to enjoy more benefits. If you are not using an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution right now, you can use cloud EPM easily and quickly. The process is pretty straightforward and painless. If you have one already in use, you will appreciate how you could easily upgrade to the newest version, even when you do not have in-house technical expertise.

Why Oracle?

When it comes to EPM on the cloud, you should be looking at Oracle. The company has been working hard to develop an EPM solution that is cloud-friendly. That means that the technologies that Oracle uses for its EPM solutions are standardized and open.

What should you look for in a cloud EPM provider?

Now that you know you should consider using Oracle for your cloud EPM solutions, what is next? You should find a hosting solution that can give you customized EPM hosting with extra capacity to future-proof your solutions. You should have a secure and portable design environment for your hosting.

Then for your EPM cloud solution, consider going for a provider that owns the solutions. They should have their own servers, switches and data centers. This way, the provider would know where you are in the system and which boxes your systems are in. Your provider should also allocate less than what they have available on their infrastructure. And they should never overclock their systems. This way, performance-related issues are easily avoided and if ever they happen, easily solved.

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