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Enterprise Strength Storage Virtualization

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 Using enterprise strength storage virtualization, you can maximize your storage and applications investments.

It used to be that storage systems did not change much for years.  The next storage product that would come out in a year or so would work the same way that your current storage products are working, only that it had more bytes.  This is no longer true today as enterprise storage is now constantly “evolving”, and at a very fast pace.

Storage nowadays is used for different purposes.  But it is certainly not cost-effective and very complex to buy and maintain different enterprise storage systems for your company.  For example, if you have legacy apps and software, you might need something that is compatible with that.  And if you are delving into big data, you would certainly need to incorporate new types of storage for all the data you are getting.

Enter enterprise strength storage virtualization

This is where enterprise strength storage virtualization comes in.  Enterprise strength storage virtualization involves a software layer that helps you support legacy storage while adding on new ones.  This software will be apart from the storage virtualization software that you use on your big iron arrays.  This software allows you to separate your data and control, so that the fast storage that you have will stay fast.  The control plane enables you to set input-output rates and bandwidth so that your apps and shared resources are not drastically affected.

The software will also be able to abstract your data from all your storage systems.  Then it pools all your available storage and virtualizes it.  It can also help you by automating your important storage management functions.  What does this mean for you?  You can lower operations costs by utilizing storage that you already have.  You can also boost the utilization of the hardware that you already own.

The best management tools for your business

So, basically, you are getting great management tools when you virtualize your existing storage.  No need for you to replace the storage systems you already possess.  Plus, you get to use the legacy systems that you have been using for some years already.

Moreover, while IT departments are struggling to keep up with cloud and flash, this software that acts as a conduit between your old and new storage could help keep IT departments relevant.  You not only get to keep your previous investments in storage and your legacy applications, but you can also manage these with ease and with fewer costs.  This way, not only are you more flexible, but you also lessen the disadvantages of moving to the cloud.

Furthermore, using enterprise strength storage virtualization means that you do not have to disrupt your users and your installed base too much.

Using enterprise strength storage virtualization, you can maximize your storage and applications investments while also keeping you future proof.  More good news for you: You are not only able to use new types of storage and be able to manage it easily together with your old storage, but you are also not locked into a specific vendor.  You can use storage from different vendors into your system and still be able to manage them as one.

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