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What to Expect from Big Data in 2015

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Big data will help you get the best insights about your business and operations.

Big data certainly made its presence felt in 2014 where it commanded the attention of businesses, governments and individuals alike. Suddenly, it stopped being just a buzzword and proved that it was really useful. Soon everybody was talking about big data.

What can you expect in this area for 2015?

Big data represents a very big market, with International Data Corporation estimating that vendors would be earning $125 billion from selling hardware, services and software to other businesses who want to get into big data.

This growth will be helped by the fact that the Internet of Things and smart wearables is expected to go mainstream in 2015. No longer will data enabled devices be exclusive to the early adopters or geeks and instead would cross over to the mainstream market. A major reason for this is the fact that there are now useful and functional devices now available in the market, as opposed to the devices that banked on novelty and fads.

There will also be a shift in decision-making using big data. Currently, big data aids people in making timely decisions about their businesses, or daily lives. In 2015, we will see machines making their own decisions using the data that they collect, helped by machine learning technology. And mind you, these decisions will be on point, accurate and reliable. Another technology that would become more used is textual analysis because of the unstructured nature of the data we collect. Textual analysis would help make way for the classification and analysis of unstructured data.

And because of the increasing amount of data we have to deal with, you can bank on the proliferation of data visualization software and tools. These tools would process the data you get and give you an easy way to interpret data, see trends and patterns between two things. Compared to other business intelligence tools and software, data visualization tools would grow at a much faster pace, more than 2.5 times faster.

On the downside, privacy will still be a big concern and data professionals would become very much in demand and talent would be very difficult to hire.

Even with the “fappening” hack and other high profile hacks in 2014, people would still be very careless about what they post on social media and other outlets. But because big data involves more personal information, a successful hack would be much more devastating. Also, with 7 out of every 10 businesses in the United States will be implementing a big data strategy in the next five years. While there are around 4.4 million people in the world who will be working directly with big data in 2015, that will not be enough.

The message is simple. The time to get into big data is now. Big data might help you get the best insights about your business and operations, and allow you to make timely and well-informed decisions, among other things. But you simply must do big data right before you reap the benefits. And this is how Four Cornerstone helps you.

Four Cornerstone has a team of IT experts who can help you get the best of class software and hardware that would make your entry into big data fast and painless. Call us today!

Photo by Christoph Scholz.

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