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FBI and CIA Style Analytics: Can it work for your business?

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Official seal and motto of the FBI.

If you watch spy movies or any movie where the FBI and the CIA are vital parts of the plot, then you would admire how intelligence analysts are able to sniff out the most important and most accurate information that could help them make the right decisions at the right time.

Now imagine having that kind of talent and technology in your business.

Imagine having intelligence-style analytics at your disposal, helping you become nimble, sure, and informed. And having that kind of information available to every one of your employees or apps user.

As you would have guessed, this would touch on big data. Today’s businesses are very keen on getting into big data and using it to gain insights and discoveries about their companies, operations, customers, competitors and other stakeholders. And use these to make better decisions, among other things. The amount of data that is generated and should be captured is staggeringly high. And the data comes in many forms.

How do you interact with all that data and make sense of it all? One way is to chance the way you deal with data. Simple searches are no longer efficient, nor are they appropriate. It is time for a shift in thinking.

Take for example technology from Synthos Technologies. The company has come up with Synthos Application. The app “reads” news as they become published by at least 15,000 English language sources. The application then extracts the organizations, places and people mentioned in the article and uses a variety of complex algorithms to differentiate the gathered names from similarly-named people, places and organizations. The end user would be able to see counts of these entities mentioned in the news, their relationship to other people, places and organizations, allowing the end user to see new insights from all that data. You can also customize the report in such a way that it will be most useful to you.

The new technology represents tools that allow you to ask new types of questions out of your data. It also allows you to see connections between people, things and organizations that did not seem obvious to you before looking at the reports. In short, you will be able to get the information you need as well as the information you did not even think was important or have existed.

This kind of intelligence-style analytics is only possible if you have an in-memory platform. In-memory platforms store the data in the application tier memory rather than a disk, giving you faster responses to even the most complex analytics query.

And when it comes to in-memory technology, no other company comes close to Oracle. If you need to implement intelligence level analytics, then you should talk to Four Cornerstone about it.

Four Cornerstone provides Oracle consulting in Dallas. We can provide you with a team of Oracle experts who could help you in setting up, deploying, configuring and administering Oracle hardware and software that would allow you to take advantage of high level analytics such as the Synthos Application. Call us at 1 (817) 377 1144 today.

Photo by FBI.

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