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Features and benefits of Oracle BPM

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With Oracle BPM, you can also get built-in content management systems that allow you to add content to your process and create workflows with documents.

Oracle BPM is the most complete business process management software out there.  Oracle BPM helps you improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your business, while also helping you get the most out of your technology.  Oracle BPM allows you to easily optimize your business processes, therefore helping you bring down cost while increasing your revenues.

Oracle BPM 11g has a lot of benefits and features that you would appreciate.  What are these?

Oracle BPM 11g has the following features

  • Business Rules – You can easily create, define and modify business policies and rules.
  • Dashboards for Process Workspace and Monitoring – Allows you to manage your processes and even work together with other participants.  It also allows you to monitor your processes in real time.
  • Oracle Process Composer – Allows you to create and tweak business processes using a Web-based tool.  No need to know any programming language and even non-technical managers can create processes for themselves.
  • Process Player – Allows you to see how your processes are going to play out.  It takes into consideration the business flow, the rules and the forms you used in Process Composer.  This can also help you train users.
  • Process Simulation and Process Analysis – Allows you to optimize and enhance your processes before you deploy it.  Oracle BPM can also help you evaluate your processes using your business’ data.
  • Social – Oracle BPM 11g supports social systems such as mashups, wikis and discussion forums.  This will help you collaborate and innovate while also making decisions easier to manage.
  • Web Form Designer – Allows you to create a process user interface from Process Composer easily.
  • What You See Is What You Execute Model – Allows you to simplify the process by getting rid of out-of-sync and translation issues.  This way, non-technical personnel can easily collaborate with IT.

More Oracle BMP benefits

What’s more, Oracle BPM works well with a suite of Oracle software, helping you get a complete BPM suite.  You can use it with Oracle ADF Mobile to develop user interfaces for mobile devices, or Oracle BPM Studio to help you come up with models for your processes, deploy applications that are process-based and create user interfaces.

With Oracle BPM, you can also get built-in content management systems that allow you to add content to your process and create workflows with documents.  Further, you can also monitor events from your processes as well as other applications so you only work with one dashboard.  In addition, you can use adapters to use Oracle BPM with legacy systems or extend the functionality you get from Oracle BPM.

If you want to use Oracle BPM to help you manage your business processes, then call Four Cornerstone now!  We have a team of Oracle experts who could give you the training you need to deploy, configure and learn Oracle BPM.  If you are currently having problems using Oracle BPM, you will appreciate our Oracle BPM consulting services.   Four Cornerstone can help you get the best out of your Oracle BPM investment, as well as your other Oracle software.

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