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New features of Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.2

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 You can incorporate HTML5 charts or Flash.  Even if the device does not support Flash, it will still play using HTML5.

If you are using Oracle Database now and you need to create Web applications that make use of PL/SQL and SQL, then you should be using Oracle Application Express or APEX.

With Oracle Application Express, you can be a beginner at PL/SQL and still be able to come up with enterprise-level apps.  This is because you will be using a Web browser to work your Oracle APEX.

If you have used Oracle APEX before, then you would be glad to know the new features included in the latest Oracle Application Express 4.2, including:

  • A declarative environment for creating mobile Web apps.  You can now utilize jQuery Mobile to make sure that your app displays perfectly no matter what mobile device is used.
  • You can now use two new themes, which are both responsive and mobile.  One is created using jQuery Mobile and supports gestures and transitions.  The other, Theme 25, adjusts to the screen dimensions of the device it is viewed on.  So if you use this theme, you can use your app on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.
  • You also get HTML5 support.  You can incorporate HTML5 charts or Flash.  Even if the device does not support Flash, it will still play using HTML5.  Also, you can now use HTML5 item types for your applications.  For instance, you can use the HTML5 slider, date picker and toggle switches.  HTML5 elements are particularly useful in giving your users a better experience with your applications.
  • Responsive calendar templates.  You also get a great calendar template that now displays perfectly on any screen.
  • Ready-to-use applications.  With the latest version, you get a suite of ready-to-use productivity apps.  And you do not have to spend a lot of time in installing these apps, you can use it after a few clicks.  There are also some sample applications that are included and these are designed to show you what Oracle Application Express can do for your apps and are actually supported by Oracle.
  • RESTful Services.  If you have APEX Listener 2.0, you can use the RESTful Services in the latest version.  This service gives you stateless data access by using PL/SQL and SQL.

Free with Oracle Database

Oracle Application Express comes free with Oracle Database.  APEX comes installed by default with Oracle Database, so you also get full support for it.

What’s more, version 4.2 retains everything that you have loved in previous versions, including the ability to install the pre-packaged apps that come with APEX 4.2, such as P-Track, a project tracker application, Customer Tracker and Survey Builder.

So why not start using Oracle Application Express today and get top notch, fully functional business application using nothing but an ordinary Web browser?

Need help in getting your Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express 4.2 off the ground?  Call Four Cornerstone and learn more about our Oracle consulting and Oracle training services.  We have a team of Oracle experts that can help you with anything related to your Oracle software.

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