Four Cornerstone: Experts in Emergency MySQL Consulting and Support

With Four Cornerstone, it is like having a team of dedicated emergency MySQL consulting professionals and support team for your company.

Just think about the last time your MySQL crashed.  The downtime that resulted afterwards would have been a headache for anybody.  The Web site is down, and your customers could not get to it.  Your employees are going berserk because they cannot get any work done.  Your IT personnel probably dropped everything else to work on getting your database up.  Chances are, they were probably working on something very important and urgent at that moment, but because of the said downtime, your IT department were overwhelmed.

The good news is that Four Cornerstone has a team of Oracle specialists who can give you emergency MySQL consulting.  We know that time is of the essence, so we have an emergency MySQL support team ready to be deployed at all times of the day, every day of the week.

One call to Four Cornerstone and you can be assured that we can immediately respond to your emergency.

No matter what needs to be done and done quickly, Four Cornerstone can do it for you.  From MySQL query tuning, to MySQL storage engine optimization, to data recovery, to MySQL tuning, and even performance and scalability recommendations.

Four Cornerstone’s team of emergency MySQL consulting experts can also proactively iron out possible problems that you might have after a MySQL crash, such as corrupted MyISAM tables, Innodb recovery problems, corruption in your binary logs, among others.  We could also fix slowdowns in performance that are more likely to crop up after a crash.

MySQL might be very stable, but no software is ever bug-free.  You should be planning for the remote event that your MySQL crashes and brings down your operations with it.  There are a lot of things that could go wrong or that could lead to a MySQL shutdown:

  • flawed OSes,
  • hardware problems or
  • simply losing power.

With Four Cornerstone’s emergency MySQL consulting services, you can easily avert a disaster and get back on your feet very soon after a MySQL crash!

We give you top-notch MySQL consulting. We can help you get the most out of your Oracle, MySQL and IT investments by:

  1. Optimizing your use of available hardware by performance tuning.
  2.  Improving your SQL queries and setting up the necessary indexes.
  3.  Evaluating and implementing higher MySQL Architecture such as synchronous multi-master replication and master/slave replication.
  4. Evaluating and implementing your backup and restore systems.
  5. Helping you fine-tune your database designs.
  6. Upgrading MySQL to the most recent release.
  7. Helping you migrate from MariaDB, Percona Server, Galera Cluster and other platforms to MySQL.
  8. Setting up and configuring your MySQL Replication.

With Four Cornerstone, it is like having a team of dedicated emergency MySQL consulting professionals and support team for your company – 24/7, 366 days a year.  Only that you do not have to pay for the hours that they do not work.  You only get billed for the emergency work they do.

You can rely on Four Cornerstone’s MySQL consulting services for anything related to MySQL.  Get experts on database administration, migration and application development when you need them!

Call Four Cornerstone today and stop worrying about problems related to MySQL!

Photo courtesy of mag3737.

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