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A Free and Automated Security Certificate to Encrypt the Entire Web

While encryption is not something new, its existing form is too complicated to implement.

Imagine the enormous amount of confidential data keyed in over the Internet every single day – from usernames and passwords to credit card information and other sensitive data. It is next to impossible for customers to be in control of their data once they are inputted over the web. If all these data are not encrypted, your organization will be facing many challenges while hackers celebrate.

As the number of account hijacking and identity theft continue to proliferate, security measures remain an increasingly important aspect of technology. Data encryption plays a crucial role in ensuring data security. However, it has been a daunting task for website owners to obtain security certificates that are needed for data encryption.

The launching of Let’s Encrypt project in November 2014 was great news to many organizations. The project offers an automated and open security certificate. What’s more, it’s free and simple to use. Let’s Encrypt allows website owners to get security certificates within minutes, facilitating a safer web experience for users.

Another good news from The Linux Foundation!

The Linux Foundation will host Let’s Encrypt project to promote the adoption of encryption globally. The Linux Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing the growth of Linux and joint software development. They aim to make encryption a standard aspect of every application.

The Internet Security Research Group, an American company that focuses on reducing financial, technological, and education barriers to secure communication over the Internet, manages the Let’s Encrypt project.

Jim Zemlin, The Linux Foundation’s executive director, shared that hosting the project will speed up the goal of having a free and easy security certification process. This project will undoubtedly benefit millions of people worldwide.

The need for data encryption

When data is not encrypted, it becomes too easy for hackers and malicious attackers to steal data. It is then crucial for organizations to be more proactive. The more data is encrypted, the more difficult it is for hackers to breach security and steal information. Although it does not guarantee absolute security, it can be a huge barrier for attackers.

While encryption is not something new, its existing form is too complicated to implement. It is also costly to manage. With Let’s Encrypt, organizations do not have to exert many efforts in encrypting their data. Let’s Encrypt eases the setup time and automates all the hassles of getting a certificate. It simplifies the encryption process down to two simple commands.

As an added convenience, using Let’s Encrypt will not require you to enter validation emails. You will not encounter complicated configuration setting, and because it’s free, you don’t have to deal with expired certificates or payment schemes.

This project encourages more organizations to adopt encryption. Although it will take a few more months to deliver the encryption software, it promises to be worth the wait.

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