The Future of Data Center is Here: Engineered for innovation at a lower cost

Oracle delivers data center solutions that are more efficient and more robust yet simple to use.

The performance of your data center contributes a lot to your organization’s success. If the data center’s increased value and enhanced innovation at a reduced cost is what you are aiming to achieve, Oracle has the perfect answer with their latest generation of applications and engineered systems. In fact, many organizations worldwide embrace Oracle Engineered Systems to improve their technology infrastructures, accelerate the deployment of applications, and enhance the productivity of their data centers.

Oracle’s offerings are user-friendly and are conveniently ready for product implementation. They boost performance by completing the job faster. It is more reliable and secure than other available solutions in the market today. What’s more, it can significantly lower the cost of your product development as both hardware and software processes, such as testing, patching, integration, automation and support, are all done by Oracle.

Oracle Engineered Systems: Delivering success to companies

With a vision to transform the data center solution and offer new capabilities to improve business, Oracle delivers new engineered systems. The list includes

  • Database Appliance X5,
  • Virtual Compute Appliance X5,
  • Big Data Appliance X5,
  • Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X5, and
  • the sixth-generation Oracle Exadata Machine X5.

Give your company the best chance to deal with increasing demands with these latest generations of Oracle’s integrated appliances. Here are some insights on how these updated appliances can make a change for your business at a reduced cost.

  1. Oracle Database Appliance X5

This appliance delivers a comprehensive package of software, compute and storage that works well for branch office and distributed deployments. The updated version of Database Appliance saves both time and money by making things easier for organizations. This includes the implementation, support and maintenance of the database as well as software workloads. The appliance features enhanced compute cores, a cohesive InfiniBand connectivity and augmented storage to boost consolidation by up to four times.

  1. Virtual Compute Appliance X5

This appliance offers a complete infrastructure when partnered with Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System. This latest version can be deployed easily and quickly, thereby reducing cost and risk, as well as deployment and administration time. According to Oracle, this product decreases the complexity of infrastructure by 70 percent, deploys applications seven times quicker, and lessens capital expenditure by about 50 percent.

  1. Oracle Big Data Appliance X5

Oracle Big Data Appliance offers a complete and secure NoSQL and Hadoop capabilities. This offering remarkably reduces the TCO for three years by 35 percent and lessens the deployment time by 30 percent when compared with a customized solution. The latest version of the Big Data appliance features 2.25 times more processor cores and twice RAM than its predecessor for a faster and cheaper throughput. The updated version also enables users to run Oracle Big Data SQL, which offers customers the capability to run SQL queries against data stored in NoSQL and Hadoop databases.

  1. Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance X5

This new version of recovery appliance delivers a revolutionary solution for data protection, which eradicates potential data loss for Oracle Databases. Its processors are faster and equipped with an extended capacity. These features allow a more speedy recovery and enhanced consolidation of database backup.

The latest generation of Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata Database Machine 5 boasts of faster processors, larger memory capacity and increased flexibility. Despite the enhanced features, the platform costs less. Its architecture has faster InfiniBand networking, scale-out storage servers and scale-out database servers.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5’s key features include the following:

  1. High-speed performance. Its processors are 50 percent faster, its memory has 50 percent bigger capacity and it has a more rapid and bigger flash increase performance.
  2. Modern flash storage server:It uses the latest PCIe flashdrives and InfiniBand networking to achieve optimum performance.
  3. Flexible configurations:With the most recent version of Exadata, compute and storage are now possible to be designed and extended. This functionality enables enterprises to expand the configuration depending on their business requirements, which ultimately reduces the cost. This feature also allows users to configure all-flash online transaction processing systems and Oracle Database In-Memory systems.
  4. Oracle Virtual Machine support:Organizations can attain a great level of load segregation by using Oracle Virtual Machine and InfiniBand networking. Licensing through virtual machine reduces costs.
  5. Modern software features:The updated version of Exadata features advanced software functionalities, such as faster flash caching and flash cache management, among others.
  6. Technology investment protection:If you have invested in the previous version of Oracle Exadata, the machine can be extended with the new servers. What’s more, the older versions of Exadata hardware can support all the updated software features that are available in the new version.
  7. Supports Exabus connectivity:The sixth-generation Exadata supports the ability to link and communicate to the latest Exalogic Elastic Cloud. The Oracle Elastic Cloud X5-2 provides revolutionary performance and flexibility for Oracle applications, Fusion Middleware and Java. It offers organizations the capability to run the same PaaS and IaaS in the on-premises environment as they are provided in the cloud.

Oracle delivers data center solutions that are more efficient and more robust yet simple to use. The company’s data center solutions simplify the management aspect while boosting performance, enabling organizations to meet the constantly changing demands. With their high-performing data centers offerings, Oracle delivers innovation at every level to achieve new standards of efficiency, scalability, simplicity and performance. Furthermore, you can purchase some of Oracle’s next-generation engineered systems at a lower cost than the other available solutions in the market.

Contact Four Cornerstone now if you want to know more about the new Oracle Engineered Systems with industry standard components, modern networking and easy to use functionality. Our Oracle Consulting in Dallas Fort Worth will explain how the software and hardware components are engineered to function together to deliver the right solution for your business. You can call us at 817-377-1144. You can also email info@fourcornerstone.com.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Bowns.


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