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Have a hard time managing the cloud? Try Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

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Photo illustrates how Enterprise Manager Cloud Control offers a solution that enables you to monitor and manage the complete Oracle IT infrastructure from a single console.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c helps you manage all aspects of your cloud systems using a centralized and integrated solution. It allows you to manage everything from infrastructure to applications. As you can imagine, licensing can be very complicated as there are several management packs that you need to license before you can make the most out of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

Different management packs are included in the CD. Some people think that because this is the case, it is okay to use the management packs. But be aware that you would need to license these management packs individually before using them. You might want to enable or disable management packs as you see fit. How do you do this? First, go to the OEM console and tick on Setup, click on Management Packs and then click on the Show Management Pack Information. For a more detailed step-by-step guide, click here.

What are these management packs? Take a look below:

  1. Application Management Pack for Fusion Applications
  1. Application Replay Pack: Allows you to test the application load extensively, thereby giving you a look into application availability and performance especially as the infrastructure changes.
  1. Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database
  1. Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Fusion Middleware
  1. Configuration Management Pack for Applications
  1. Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Testing
  1. Management Pack for Oracle Coherence: Gives you a complete solution for deploying, configuring and monitoring a Coherence group.
  1. Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack: Assists you in the automation of database’ entire lifecycle, including discovery, provisioning, configuration and even ongoing changes.
  1. Database Diagnostics Pack
  1. Data Masking Pack: Comprises Data Masking & Data Discovery and Modeling.
  1. Management Pack for Non-Oracle Middleware: Allows you to easily manage the functions of middleware provided by third party companies.
  1. Database Tuning Pack
  1. Management Pack Plus for Identity Management
  1. Oracle WebCenter Portal Management Pack
  1. Oracle BI Management Pack: Gives you the tools to manage all components of Oracle Business Intelligence, including Presentation Server, Analytics Server, Cluster Controller, DAC Server and Scheduler.
  1. Real User Experience Insight
  1. Application Management Suite for Siebel Applications
  1. Service Level Management Pack
  1. SOA Management Pack EE
  1. Test Data Management Pack: Comprises Data Subsetting and Data Discovery and Modeling.
  1. WebLogic Server Management Pack Enterprise Edition

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Photo by Oracle.

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