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Hardware Spotlight: Oracle SPARC T5

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SPARC T5 servers are worthy heirs of the SPARC T-series, and even more powerful than their successful predecessors the SPARC T4.

The Oracle SPARC T5 processor is currently the most scalable multi-core processor.  It doubles the performance of the SPARC T4.

The SPARC T5 gives you superior multi-threaded performance with 16 complex cores, each core having eight threads.  It can run 128 threads simultaneously.

The SPARC T5 can give you the horsepower you need to power the next generation applications for your data center. It also uses a new directory-based protocol that is high-performing. This protocol allows SPARC T5 systems to easily scale to eight sockets without adding any silicon to uphold memory coherence.

These new features, working together with a new high-bandwidth memory controller, as well as the latest PCIe 3.0 interfaces, advanced power management features, and next generation reliability algorithms, make the SPARC T5 the ideal platform for any workload and application you might have.

Other statistics of the SPARC T5:

·         Higher frequency at a maximum of 3.6 GHz CPU clock rate.

·         Three different caches: L1 cache at 8×16+16 kB, L2 cache at 8×128 kB and L3 cache at 8 MB.

Aside from giving you superior multithreaded performance, you can also rely on SPARC T5 for outstanding single-thread performance that scales to high throughput levels at the same time.

According to Rick Hetherington, vice president of hardware development at Oracle, the SPARC T5 improves on the T4 in every possible way.

Security at its very core

The SPARC T5 processor has been designed by Oracle to be very secure.   It features Crypto Instruction Accelerators in every processor core so that you could get high-speed encryption no matter what standard you are using, be it DES, AES, 3DES, RSA or SSL, among others!  This way, secure computing comes right out of the box, making it more cost-effective!

Power management

With the new SPARC T5, you can get dynamic voltage and dynamic frequency scaling, cycle skip for every core pair, coherence link and memory interface power saving modes, among other advanced power management features.

What the SPARC T5 can give you

We know that most businesses will not have an idea as to what threads and cores would do for their system.  So what are the things that you could expect from using the SPARC T5 processor?

  • You get at least twice the performance of a SPARC T4.
  • It is easily scalable to meet even the growing needs of the most demanding call centers.  So much so that you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to scale effectively.
  • Virtualization technology is built into the processor so that you could use resource utilization and dynamic scaling for low-level operations.
  • Network functionality is available on-chip, allowing you to have network reliant content and no storage bottlenecks.

Four Cornerstone can help you with everything you need to do when it comes to Oracle software and products, and the SPARC T5 is no exception. Get all the innovative benefits that only the SPARC T5 can give you.  Call us if you need to upgrade your current SPARC T4 systems to avoid all the headaches and the stress!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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