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Hardware Spotlight: Sun Blade X4-2B Server Module

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 Sun Blade X4-2B features four drive bays that allow you to expand your storage.

Sun Blade is a line of servers sold by Sun Microsystems, which is a unit of Oracle Corporation.

The Sun Blade X4-2B Server Module uses Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors, considered to be the highest performing nowadays.  This makes the Sun Blade X4-2B the best choice for both physical and virtual workloads.

It has 24 dual inline memory module slots.  Each of these DIMM slots can hold 32 gigabytes of LRDIMM, which means that you can easily expand up to 768 gigabytes!  You can also put in three 1.35V double data rate type 3 RDIMMs, all operating at a top capacity of 1,600 megahertz.  No matter what your workloads are and how demanding it is, you will still get the fastest and highest performing computing and power!

The Sun Blade X4-2B also features four drive bays that allow you to expand your storage.  You can easily use up to 4.8 terabytes of storage and an additional 1.6 terabytes of flash storage.

This blade also has more processor threads and cores, which makes it 35% better than its predecessors as far as performance is concerned.

What’s more, the Sun Blade X4-2B has a lot of input and output options.  There is the:

  • 2 PCIe ExpressModules, which helps it function like a rackmount server with PCIE cards.  These allow you to upgrade your I/O without taking down the whole system.
  • 2 network express modules or NEMs so that you could have common I/Os to different blades.
  • 2 embedded 10/100/1000 Base-T ports to give you more connectivity.

Get more with Oracle’s server management tools

The hardware is not the only thing that you should be excited about.  All of Oracle’s servers come with free server management software.  You can use the Oracle ILOM, or Integrated Lights Out Manager so that you could manage your server remotely when needed, as well as making local management a breeze.  ILOM helps you manage and monitor power consumption, as well as fault monitoring and detection.

You can also make use of Oracle System Assistant.  This guides you through a lot of tasks such as updating your firmware, configuring the hardware and installing operating systems.

Get help from Four Cornerstone

If you think that Four Cornerstone can only help you with your Oracle software and training, think again.  Four Cornerstone can help you with the installation and maintenance of your Sun Blade X4-2B Server Module.  More than that, we can teach you how to use the system management tools that come with the Sun Blade X4-2B.

This way, you can take advantage of the Sun Blade X4-2B’s benefits, including:

  • Power and cooling cost savings.
  • Optimize your data center space.
  • Better performance for your system and applications.
  • Avoiding server downtime when upgrading and servicing your I/O modules.
  • High bandwidth communication between two blades is possible.
  • Enjoy up to 4.8 terabytes of storage.

You get all these while we do all the work.  No more headaches and waiting on your part.  Let the experts do it!  Call Four Cornerstone today to find out how we can help!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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