How Can Oil and Gas Companies Attain Operational Excellence?

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The good news is that with the right technology, oil and gas companies can easily improve their internal processes.

Oil and gas companies are always facing a challenge, especially when they deal with a highly volatile global market. What’s more, they now face more competition from sustainable and renewable energy companies.

Some of the challenges being faced by oil and gas companies include:

  • Unscheduled downtimes that can disrupt operations
  • Skyrocketing maintenance costs because of frequent service visits
  • Lack of visibility when it comes to service issues
  • Not having a lot of insights when it comes to potential deficiencies in the product
  • Not having the expertise to manage schedules of service technicians
  • Information that service and sales have but not shared to others
  • Preparing the business to respond to global expansion
  • Field workers and back office using different systems

One of the things that organizations can do to tackle these challenges is to modernize the business. It doesn’t matter what industry your business is in. Modernizing your field service operations can help you:

  • Get better results
  • Make the best out of your resources
  • Bring in more profit

The problem is that oil and gas companies are often very large and highly segmented. They also deal with complicated processes that can hinder modernization efforts. The good news is that with the right technology, O&G firms can easily improve their internal processes.

What does this mean? These companies can finally attain operational excellence in four key areas:

  1. process automation,
  2. mobility,
  3. real-time access, and
  4. business intelligence.

With process automation, you can get higher rates of work-order completion. You’re also able to schedule your resources. You get timely service updates and even foster collaboration across different departments.

A modernized company can also enjoy more mobility and real-time access. These improvements can empower your employees to do more with the resources they have. It can also improve interactions your company has with customers, as well as getting the most out of your workforce.

Meanwhile, better business intelligence means a more productive workforce. Innovations and new ideas are also accelerated. You gain operational efficiencies that can help you cut down on costs, make things work faster, and increase profits.

What Is the Right Technology for Oil and Gas Companies?

To attain operational excellence, you will need something like Microsoft Dynamics 365, which combines enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications.

A combination of ERP and CRM solutions will help you manage and schedule resources no matter where they are in the world. It also makes way for collaboration across departments and gives you unprecedented visibility on your resources and service operations. This way, you make data-driven and better-informed decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps give you and your workforce the connectivity and mobility to make all of these happen.

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