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How can Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud helps you get faster, better insights

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Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud connects people, places, and data.

Small businesses often have a hard time succeeding. Successful ventures often have people who not only work hard and put in long hours, but also have many hats. Business owners also act as the marketing head or sales head, or as the office accountant who also double as the bookkeeper or receptionist.

That means that for most employees working for small businesses, there is always too much work and too little time. How does one cope? Simple: be more efficient by using technology to work smarter. And this is where Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud helps.

You can use Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud to automate routine tasks that you would otherwise spend much time and effort on. Not only does it free up your time but also leave no rooms for error. Routine tasks done manually are very much open for mistakes, especially if you are tired and overworked, as most small business employees are.

Automating routine tasks also guarantees that they are done on time and fast. For instance, Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud can prepare sales reports automatically at 6 p.m. every day. You can count on it like clockwork.

Using these sales reports, you can get a lot of insights. These include insights on which of your salespeople are performing the best, how much sales did you have today and how does it compare to other days, who is your best customer, and what stores or outlets are performing best, among others. Knowing these, you can make very important decisions about your business, such as where to open new stores, or if you need to hire more sales representatives, or what new products to introduce.

In short, Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud allows you to gather your data quickly and easily. It presents your data in such a way that you can easily understand it, see trends, and get insights that you need to make the right business decisions.

Getting visualizations on your data using Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud is all a matter of uploading your spreadsheets, creating a new project, and clicking & dragging the information you want to work with and then clicking a few buttons to get the visualization and graphs you need.

It does not matter how many columns and rows you have on your spreadsheet, Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud will help you see things all in one pane with an easy to understand graphic. For instance, it can turn all your raw data and make it into a bar graph to easily show who earned the most for the quarter, or which store has the most sales.

But more than that, it also allows you to filter your data. If you want to focus on a specific product, or exclude certain items from the analysis, you can do so just by clicking a few buttons.

The biggest draw of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, however, is that you can get all of these insights really quick. You can try it out for yourself by downloading the Oracle Data Visualization Desktop tool here or by signing up for a free trial of Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud and see for yourself the full range of features that it offers.

Photo courtesy of Oracle Cloud.

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