How to Improve Your ROI for OpenStack?

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Oracle has also made it easier for people to work with OpenStack.

There is no doubt that OpenStack is very popular and widely used for IT services, testing, quality assurance, Web services, and DevOps. But there are only a few companies that are currently using OpenStack for mission-critical applications. Most are still using virtual environments or bare metal for these applications.

If you are one of these businesses, then chances are, you are currently considering using OpenStack for your important applications to help increase return on investment.

Make it easy to support your mission critical applications

With Oracle OpenStack, you can easily support enterprise applications. When you use Oracle OpenStack, you gain more agility and autonomy. This allows your developers to create applications with a short time to market. You enjoy automated deployment of Oracle Database so that your applications are enabled in OpenStack.

Reduce operations cost 

What’s more, Oracle OpenStack lowers the costs of operations. The most you would spend when it comes to using OpenStack will be on the deployment, upgrades, and updates. You already have the control plane that comes with Docker containers and this makes it simple to deploy, update, and upgrade OpenStack.

Save on support costs, too

Not only that, you can also cut on support costs. While you can download and use Oracle OpenStack and Linux without paying anything, you would need a premier support subscription if you need technical support. But this subscription also includes other Oracle products such as Oracle Systems, Oracle VM, and Oracle Linux.

Understand, however, that you might not really need technical support in the first place. Oracle OpenStack has a very active online community, so you can just drop in and ask questions if you hit a snag. Oracle itself has a lot of documentation that make it easier for you to work with OpenStack that details everything you need to know and do in designing, planning, and deploying a database cloud on OpenStack.

Oracle has also made it easier for people to work with OpenStack. For instance if you have been rolling your own OpenStack environment, you know that it used to be a tedious and time-consuming process. But with Oracle OpenStack, you get a hardened and tested distribution that you can deploy in just a matter of hours. Compare that to the old way of doing things, which can take days or months to complete. And it is nice to be able to have technical support when you need it.

Moreover, Oracle has a very affordable price tag for its Linux and OpenStack distributions, compared to similar distributions offered by other companies.


In conclusion, there are several ways that you can increase your return on investments with Oracle OpenStack. For one, you no longer have to spend days or months deploying OpenStack; you can have your Oracle OpenStack up and running in hours. This means that you or your IT staff can get it done fast, freeing them to focus on other more pressing tasks.

Not only does Oracle OpenStack make deployments easier, it also has everything you need for your application. Finally, you can download and use it for free for as long as you want, on top of lowering both operating and support costs.

Photo from Oracle OpenStack.

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