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HP Integrity Servers and HP-UX: For your mission-critical enterprise

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A photo of HPE Integrity BL860c i6 Server Blade.

HP Integrity Servers

The HP Integrity Servers give you high availability so that you could rely on it for business processes that never end, as well as mission critical workloads and other functions.  It uses the HP-UX operating environment, allowing it to take advantage of the operating system’s benefits and features.  With HP Integrity running on HP-UX, you are sure of highly available, highly reliable and immensely secure computing for your business.  It is ideal for systems that run your Enterprise Resource Planning, databases and billing applications.

The line has several products.  The HP Integrity rx2800 i4 Server is perfect for data centers and branch offices that can run on minimal budget, fewer IT personnel and limited space.  The HP Integrity rx2800 i4 Server consumes 21% less power but is proven to be secure and reliable.

You can use HP’s Virtual Partitions to help consolidate workload and lower your license costs.  What’s more, you get better performance of up to 3x and about 33% more memory bandwidth.  You can scale up to 15 cores, more than 7 terabytes of internal storage and system memory of up to 384 gigabytes.  You also get better error detection, isolation and correction for your processor, cache and memory.

Meanwhile, the HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server allows you to have a flexible, modern and optimized data center that does not require a lot of IT personnel to maintain and administer.  The Superdome 2 Server gives you advanced cooling and power management as well as cross-domain control.  It uses the Intel Itanium 9500 processor that uses low voltage, giving you better performance and more memory.  The HP Integrity Superdome 2 Server is a great way to connect your systems to any network, making it easier to use with other domains.  And because it uses a blade architecture, you can scale it up to 8 terabytes of memory, and build in redundancy.

Furthermore, you have the HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server, a cost-efficient Unix Server that you can quickly install to boost the performance of your mission critical processes in your remote office or data center.  You can also get top-notch management tools that help you administer the server easily, as well as provide remote management. What’s more, the HP Integrity rx2800 proves to have lower TCOs by combining cost savings out of the box and energy efficiency.


HP-UX is the company’s own UNIX flavor.  The latest release, HP-UX 11i v3 was released in March 2014.  The HP-UX works well with four operating environments: Base OE, Virtualization Server OE, High Availability OE and Data Center OE.  All of these operating environments run on Integrity servers and has been pre-tested by the company’s own engineers.  So what do you get from the HP-UX 11i v3 March 2014 release?

High availability by reducing maintenance with faster reboots.  It also allows you to reconfigure the virtualization I/O without taking down your system and enables you to migrate your applications to Integrity servers without downtime.

More efficient because you can virtualize bigger workloads, increase the performance of your data and have more accurate performance analysis of big servers.

If you are thinking of using HP’s line of business-grade servers, then call Four Cornerstone.  Our team of experts can help you.

Photo by HPE.

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