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Hybrid Cloud: Making IT departments relevant

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Done right, hybrid clouds can help IT departments to become more agile and responsive to their business users’ needs, and helps them ensure top notch security.

In recent years, business managers have relied on Amazon, Dropbox, and other public cloud service providers that could help them launch new projects fast and become more agile, as well as bring down their costs. Compared to their own IT departments wherein everything is slow and where things take time, public cloud service providers were the heroes.

There are people who have predicted that IT departments would soon become a thing of the past as more and more businesses turn to the public cloud, with it a service business model. Of course that observation is inaccurate as IT is still very much relevant in terms of governance, performance and security. But admittedly, your IT department can do more.

Today’s CIOs and IT heads are realizing that they would need to compete with public cloud service providers in order to stay relevant. They would need to be able to provide what the business side of the enterprise needs quickly and be more agile and make way for innovation. But how can they do that?

The answer lies in the hybrid cloud.

In a business environment where the most important thing is getting the job done, business managers are often looking to public cloud service providers to give them the platform to do their jobs quickly and flexibly at less cost. They do not feel that they owe their own IT departments the loyalty. Hybrid clouds allow IT departments to deliver applications and workloads to business users. What’s more, hybrid clouds are platform agnostic, which allows IT departments to provision anything that a business manager could need. This is one advantage that hybrid clouds have over public clouds.

IT would need to come up with the best solutions for every need that their users are encountering.

That being said, it is not just getting hybrid clouds into the mix that helps IT departments prove that they are still relevant. They would also need to ensure user friendliness. Meaning, the hybrid cloud services that they provide should be easy to understand and intuitive to use. Otherwise, business users would rather go with a public cloud provider with tools and alternatives that they can actually understand and use.

Not only will this help IT prove that they are still useful and relevant in the organization, it is also a good way to ensure security, performance and efficiency. Meaning, it helps make their own jobs easier and faster.

Done right, hybrid clouds can help IT departments to become more agile and responsive to their business users’ needs, and helps them ensure top notch security, utmost performance and the best efficiency for any IT system, application, and process that happens. If you are looking to get into hybrid cloud computing, call Four Cornerstone.

We have a team of seasoned experts who could help you get everything that you need for the hybrid cloud. From software to hardware, Four Cornerstone’s expert team can help pick out the best without you going broke.

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