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Improve your Business with Oracle Internet of Things

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Axel Hansmann, Oracle Vice President for Strategy and Marketing Communications, discusses Oracle Internet of Things.


The Internet of Things (IoT) makes use of several devices that have sensors in them. These devices gather and collect data and then transmit these over a network, usually without human intervention.

In an enterprise, the Internet of Things can help you get valuable information about your products, your workplace, and your factories. IoT has been around for some time; it is your smartphone, smartwatches and connected cars. However, much of the focus has been towards how customers use it. Now, enterprises have realized the value of IoT.

On top of the important data that you get about your products and how they are used by your customers, you can use the data you get from IoT to develop and innovate other services, products and even business models.

For instance, IoT can help manufacturing move from human-based manual processes. In a traditional factory, humans know when something goes wrong, and they are the ones who correct it and complete the paperwork. If nobody notices that a machine is malfunctioning or a component is overheating, then you are in a lot of trouble. As such, corrective actions are reactive and in some cases it might be too late or too much damage has already been done.

With IoT, connected devices will constantly monitor your machineries. For instance, if one machine is showing signs of overheating, a device sensor will detect it. It will then alert people that the machine is overheating, and in some cases, might even go ahead and shut down that particular machine to avoid damaging it. And that is just one use case. IoT can help transform your business, no matter what industry you belong to.

Do More with Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Oracle takes that process a bit further with Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service is a “platform as a service” offering from Oracle that allows you to connect any device that collects data, as well as do analysis on the gathered data.

With Oracle IoT, you can securely and reliably collect data from the connected devices, while also working with a standard when integrating your devices. However, we all know that having all that data is useless if you do not do anything about it. This is the reason why Oracle IoT allows you to do real-time analysis on the data, no matter how big it gets. You can even do predictive analytics on the data and events. Predictive analysis and pattern matching comes standard for Oracle IoT Cloud Service.

Oracle IoT also enables you control your devices using mobile apps and other means. It can even help you automate tasks. Because of this, Oracle makes it easier for users as well. It allows you to have a virtual representation of the connected devices you have so that your end users can interact and control the devices without having to learn how to program them.

Using Oracle’s Internet of Things strategy, your business can enjoy the benefits of IoT in a shorter period of time, usually allowing you to start taking advantage of the said platform in three to four months, instead of the usual 12 to 18 months that most IoT implementations need.

Oracle IoT Cloud Service works well with other Oracle products such as Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, and even its SaaS offerings. Fill out our contact form and talk to Four Cornerstone now to get a head start with IoT today.

Photo courtesy of Oracle PR.

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