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Installing Oracle SQL Developer 4.0

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 As long as you have SQL Developer's minimum system requirements, installing SQL Developer is pretty much straightforward.

Oracle SQL Developer is a development environment that makes it easier for you to develop applications for and to manage Oracle Database.  Oracle SQL Developer gives you everything you need to create PL/SQL applications as well as a worksheet for executing scripts and queries.  It also gives you a reports interface, data modelling tools and an administrator console for you to manage your Oracle database.  Lastly, it provides a platform that helps you migrate your existing third-party databases to Oracle.

In short, if you are using Oracle Database, then Oracle SQL Developer can help make your life a whole lot easier.

Oracle Database Release 11

The good news is that if you are using Oracle Database release 11 or later, then you already have Oracle SQL Developer installed, and accessible via a menu system.  However, if you need to install Oracle SQL Developer on your own, Oracle has Installation procedures on its Web site, which you could find here.  As long as you have SQL Developer’s minimum system requirements, installing SQL Developer is pretty much straightforward from thereon.

There are instances, however, when things might not be that smooth sailing.  For example, if you are using applications and software that need JRE 1.6.  Make the mistake of installing the JDK 1.7 that you need to run SQL Developer 4.0 and you will soon have problems running older software that requires JRE 1.6.  Why?  The short answer is that Oracle’s standard installation procedure of JDK 1.7 will upgrade JRE 1.6 to JRE 1.7.  So your instances using JRE 1.6 will be rendered useless.

If you encounter this, you should uninstall every Java-related JDKs and JREs and start from scratch.  Once you have cleaned your installation of all JDKs and JREs, you can start from the very beginning and install JRE 1.6_65, which you can download from Oracle’s support at https://support.oracle.com/rs?type=doc&id=1439822.1.

Check out your JRE 1.6 installation to see if it works with your old software and applications.  For example, open Oracle Forms to see if it works the way it should.

After this, install the JDK 1.7 you have downloaded from before.  But this time, make sure that you untick the option to install JRE.

Finally, launch your Oracle SQL Developer 4.0.  Things should be working as they should.

Let Four Cornerstone help you with Oracle Database SQL Developer Installation

Still too complicated?  Contact Four Cornerstone for 24/7 help that you could immediately get with just one phone call.  We can help make sure that all your Oracle hardware and software are working properly.  This is especially true if you are using older versions of Oracle along with the latest ones, where elements might not be compatible with one another.

Four Cornerstone can also help you upgrade your Oracle software to the latest version, this way you do not encounter problems like this!  We do not only work with Oracle SQL Developer, but with just about any Oracle software.

With Four Cornerstone, you gain a professional team of Oracle experts working for you.  We are the cost-effective alternative too because you only pay for the actual work we do instead of paying for IT professionals on your team who may not have the necessary skill sets to help you with your Oracle systems.

So what are you waiting for?  Call Four Cornerstone today!

Photo courtesy of Oracle.

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