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Introducing Oracle Database 12c

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In 2013 Oracle introduced Oracle Database 12c—the world’s first database designed for the cloud.

Oracle Database 12c is now out.

The news have been received in the IT world as a breath of fresh air, but more so among enterprise users.  The reason?  Oracle Database 12c promises users that a transfer to the cloud will now be very painless.

Everybody knows that to move into the cloud, enterprises would need to consolidate their existing databases.  Oracle Database 12c now allows your database administrators and other IT personnel to take advantage of its high density consolidation without needing to change the applications that you are currently using.

Oracle Database 12c makes use of new multi-tenant architecture.  You make use of what is called a pluggable database.  When you put these pluggable databases into a single container, it will be treated in the same way as the preconsolidated version, so that you could use the same apps that you are using.

In short, Oracle Database 12c supports multi-tenancy, not on an application level but on the database level.  This will also pave the way for all your applications from independent software vendors that run on Oracle ready for SaaS.

Also, the consolidated databases will still be autonomous of one another.

Furthermore, Oracle Database 12c can help you consolidate many databases and have it work as one, so you get to increase your server resource usage.  This can also help you save time in doing a lot of database work, such as recovery, backup and upgrades.  You also get instant cloning and provisioning for your databases.  So if you need to test your cloud or to develop it, you can do it with your Oracle Database 12c.

But that is not all.  Other features of the Oracle Database 12c include:

  • You can optimize data automatically. This lowers your storage costs and increases your database performance as well as manage data more effectively.
  • Higher availability and better security.  The new Oracle Database 12c has better security innovations than earlier Oracle database versions.  What’s more, you can have better availability with Oracle Database 12c, with both new availability features as well as improvements on existing availability capabilities.
  • Better management for your database.  You can also easily manage the new functionality via the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control.  Additionally, you can use Oracle’s Real Application Testing to test consolidation and upgrade strategies  using real-life workloads.

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Even if you are not planning to move into the cloud, you can still take advantage of the ease of managing a consolidated server, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of different databases in use.  Plus, you really would love how the Oracle Database 12c simplifies big data analysis by enhancing the SQL Pattern Matching in the new software.  On top of that, the 12c also has new predictive algorithms in-database.

In short, investing in the Oracle Database 12c is investing in the future.  It makes it easier for your company to move into the cloud, while also making it simple to crunch and evaluate big data.

Photo by Oracle.

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