Introduction to Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

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Components of an Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Rack.

Virtual Compute Appliance from Oracle gives you both the hardware and software you need.  It comes complete with server, storage and network environment for enterprise and business critical application deployments.  This is just perfect for large- and medium-sized enterprises.

What are included in the Virtual Compute Appliance?

The Virtual Compute Appliance includes the following software:

  1. Oracle VM
  2. Oracle SDN software
  3. Virtual Compute Appliance controller software

It also features the following components:

  • Virtual networking via the Oracle Fabric Interconnect.
  • Compute nodes comprised of Intel Xeon CPUs, 40 gigabytes per second InfiniBand host channel adapters, high-speed DIMMs, as well as redundant disks. You can add or take away compute nodes and still be online.
  • Integrated storage makes use of the Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-ES.  Storage for the appliance is extensible using Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance or any other storage systems from third party companies.


  1. Fast, flexible and turnkey. Virtual Compute Appliance supports a wide variety of operating systems: from Oracle Solaris, to Windows, to Linux.  That means that you could easily fortify your existing data center no matter what operating system you are using now.  On top of that, you can also use your current storage systems as it supports NFS, iSCSI and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, among others.
  1. More time to do other stuff that matters.  What all of these means is that Virtual Compute Appliance fits perfectly into your current data center, freeing your system administrators and giving them time to work on other things that are important to your business instead of trying to configure your new hardware and software from scratch.
  1. Everything is automatic.  Virtual Compute Appliance promises easy deployments.  In fact, you only have to put the rack into its place, then wire once: connect storage cables, power, and network cables and then the controller software would power it up, automatically, install the necessary components and then configure both the software and the hardware environments.  You do not do anything and it only takes minutes to finish.  You can deploy everything automatically using Virtual Compute Appliance controller software.  You can quickly deploy your applications using Assembly Builders and Oracle VM Templates.
  1. Oracle certified.  If you have current Oracle investments, you can extend that to the Virtual Compute Appliance.  All Oracle certified software are also certified for use with Virtual Compute Appliance.  That means you can use Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Applications, and other Oracle products and software.

To recap, the benefits you get from Virtual Compute Appliance include:

  • Faster time to application production.  Because Virtual Compute Appliance takes care of the entire hardware and applications stack, you can easily and quickly provision applications to their users within just hours of power-on, instead of the traditional days and even weeks.
  • Wire-once.  Oracle takes care of the wiring for you.
  • Lower risks for IT and business because it allows you to linearly scale, as you need more performance over time.
  • You are working with a pre-configured software and hardware product, which means you have decreased the need for maintenance and support.
  • Easily integrated to your current data center.

For inquiries regarding Virtual Compute Appliance, call Four Cornerstone now.

Photo by Oracle.

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