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IT Needs to Drive Innovation and Austerity

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 For businesses to prosper, they must keep innovating.

Businesses are luckier nowadays as they are operating in an era of lower cost IT systems and an age where tons of innovative ideas are coming out non-stop.

This was not the case just years before.  It used to be that for businesses to innovate, they needed to spend more on their IT infrastructure.  Innovation, especially customer focused advancement, always required more hardware, more storage, more servers, data centers, power consumption, integrators and administrators.

It was always a trade-off between IT’s capabilities and costs.  If you needed IT to deliver the best real-time business insights, the latest and most complete information for decision making, higher customer engagement or better business analytics, you always have to consider the costs and give IT more budget.

This scenario would be a major headache these days, because customers are now demanding that you engage them more.  In that, businesses who find a better way, or different ways, to engage their customers have better chances of succeeding.

And what if your IT infrastructure is older than the Internet?  Your business apps would be running on older systems.  This means that your current infrastructure and business apps are all outdated and very costly.  These were developed before big data, mobile devices, analytics and other significant processes that are currently in play.

It is time that you take advantage of the milieu now.  You need to redesign your IT so that you have new architecture and new technologies that can help you address today’s business challenges. You need a new IT infrastructure that will help you take advantage of social, mobile real-time information, decision making, customer engagement and big data.

There are a lot of ways in which you could do just that.  These are just two:

1. Cloud computing

Cloud computing allows you to find a provider that can serve your new IT requirements.  The provider has already bought the required infrastructure and the software that you need.  In order to use these, you simply have to pay them.

2. Engineered systems

Engineered systems bring together both hardware and software into one package.  This way, you get better performance at very low costs.

No matter which one you choose, Oracle can help.

Innovation and Austerity the Oracle Way

Oracle can give you a full range of cloud services.  You can have a public cloud, a private cloud, a hybrid cloud.  You can use their services to run apps, infrastructure or platform.  All of which are created using open source standards.

Better yet, to truly drive innovation up and lower your overall IT costs, Oracle also offers engineered systems that gives your business the best performance it needs.  Oracle’s engineered systems can help you run both native applications and third-party ones.  What’s more, you can get to work on big data, mobile, social and other significant IT areas with these systems.   Instead of just relying on a provider, you can take charge and simplify your IT.

Oracle helps you get those customers by giving them what they want: attention.  Today’s customers are fickle-minded, demanding and they can go to your competitors just as easily as they found you.  In today’s business world, the buyer truly is king.  Keep up with Oracle!

If you need help with anything Oracle, you can call Four Cornerstone today and be up and running with Oracle in no time!

Photo courtesy of Vermin Inc.

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