Get the best Java ME app development environment with Java ME SDK

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Get the best Java ME app development environment with Java ME SDK

 Java ME Software Development Kit

If you use Java ME for your mobile and embedded apps, then you should have Oracle’s Java ME Software Development Kit (Java ME SDK) to make your life easier.

This SDK works for Java Platform Micro Edition and is a standalone environment that offers you a range of tools and utilities that makes way for rapid development of your Java ME applications.  You can also use the Java ME Software Development Kit for your Internet of Things applications and devices.  It brings together the Connected Device Configuration and the Connected Limited Device Configuration, and offers better device emulation.

The Java ME Software Development Kit also allows you to do some application profiling and memory & network monitoring, while also giving you on-device tooling that enables you to debug and deploy your apps remotely. You can also live-test your applications with Java ME SDK.

IDE Plugins

The Java ME Software Development Kit also has ample support for NetBeans and Eclipse Integrated Development Environment.  You simply install the SDK and then install the IDE plugins for both, and start your application development, debugging and profiling.

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Built in Profiling

Java ME Software Development Kit also comes with a built-in profile that allows you to easily outline your CLDC and MIDP application runtime metrics.  It shows you all the methods that are used in your embedded or mobile application and tells you how each of these uses up your resources.  Another monitor keeps track of how much memory your application uses when it is run, while the network monitor checks how your application uses HTTP/HTTPS, datagram and socket protocols.

Get on Top of Updates

Java ME SDK also comes with an update center so that you would know if there are major additions to the core Java ME Software Development Kit components, runtime or tools.  This way you can make sure that you are working only with the latest SDK!

You also get to use a number of options and emulators.  You also get an Oracle Java Wireless Client runtime that you could install on your own smartphone to assist in the development.  In fact, you are using emulators that were developed using the same OJWC source code that Oracle sells to device manufacturers.  In short, you are using emulators that highly approximate the target devices!

With Java ME Software Development Kit, you get the best Java ME application development environment with the most features and tools that you can use.  You only need the Java ME SDK to completely develop your applications, from writing the code to editing it, right down to compiling, signing and packaging your apps.  And yes, you can also obfuscate or hide your code.

Get only a single SDK for all your Java ME application developments, while also reducing your costs and time to market with Java ME Software Development Kit.  Call Four Cornerstone today and find out how our team of Oracle experts can help you install, deploy, configure and learn Java ME SDK and other Oracle software.  You no longer have to worry about deploying Oracle software at your business, we can do it for you.  We also offer Oracle database licensing, Oracle DBA training and Oracle developer training to maximize your Oracle investments.

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