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Why KBACE Uses Oracle Business Process Management

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Oracle BPM Suite supports all flavors of business processes.

The Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g is geared towards businesses, providing them with a comprehensive solution for all types of processes.  It has a unified foundation for processes, which helps businesses manage the different development lifecycle stages across different applications and divisions.

The Oracle Business Process Management includes tools that make it easy for businesses to model processes and manage their work.  As a result, organizations are able to make sure that their operations run exceptionally while also reducing risks, increasing revenue and improving their customers’ experience.

To help illustrate how Oracle Business Process Management helps businesses, maybe a real world example is needed.  Suzanne D’Souza, the practice lead for SOA and BPM at KBACE Technologies, reveals that their company is looking forward to using Oracle BPM Suite for sales management.


Key strengths of Oracle Business Process Management

1. Collaboration

D’ Souza relates that Oracle Business Process Management encourages collaboration between IT and enterprise.  You can easily manage your processes and work together with other participants.  What’s more, you have access to social tools such as wikis, mashups and discussion threads to ensure that collaboration, innovation and decisions are well-executed.  There is also the unified what-you-see-is- what-you-execute model, making it possible for the business unit and IT to collaborate without having to deal with out of sync and translation issues.

2. Accelerators

D’ Souza also says that Process Accelerators make their jobs easier.  Process Accelerators give businesses pre-built processes that are founded on best practices.  You can easily customize these accelerators so that you could use them for any specific requirements set forth by your customers or users.

3. Dashboards

Oracle Business Process Management has a variety of dashboards that gives you a wealth of information including historical data, real-time data and other analytics that can help you be on top of the processes’ performance.  You could also tailor these analytics to show only what you need.

4. Visibility and management

Oracle Business Process Management gives you visibility as well as agility to make timely decisions and actions to become responsive.  This visibility can spell the difference between surviving and thriving in a very dynamic business environment or flailing and failing.

What’s more, it is very user-friendly, inclusive and Web-based.  D’ Souza also praises how easy it was to learn the software.

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