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Larry Ellison’s Oracle Keynote Introduces Exciting New Features for Oracle Database 12c

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Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, gives his keynote, "Oracle Database 12c In-Memory Database and M6 Big Memory Machine" at Oracle OpenWorld 2013.

The full video is here: https://medianetwork.oracle.com/video/player/2685494045001.

Larry Ellison has been in the news lately because he pulled a no-show at his own keynote for Oracle’s OpenWorld 2013.  Adding insult to the already agitated audience was the fact the organizers announced his absence close to an hour after he was supposed to show up on stage.

Nevertheless, Ellison did show up for the first keynote in which he talked about Oracle’s latest developments for Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle Database In-Memory Option

Ellison started the keynote by introducing the Oracle Database In-Memory option, promising that it would help businesses increase performance for data warehousing, analytics, online transaction processing and reporting.

All applications on Oracle Database 12c may benefit from the new option.  It will speed up existing applications without you having to make any changes to them.  It also paves the way for previously impractical applications to be created now that performance limitations have been lifted.

The new in-memory option is also compatible with the company’s mature technologies so that it would render all scalability, reliability, security and availability tools capable of in-memory computing.

Basically, this puts Oracle squarely against SAP with HANA.

Ellison also says that customers now have a new dual format to work with.  You can use the existing Oracle row format with the new in-memory column format.  The new format can give you optimized analytic queries, while the row format can help you with OLTP queries.  The new column format will also give you faster OLTP operations.

Further, Ellison explains that the new Oracle Database In-Memory option lets you do away with the need to have separate databases and structures that was once necessary to have good analytics.  It therefore simplifies management and development while also lowering your cost.

How good is it?  Yahoo’s senior Oracle database administrator Sudhi Vijayakumar said that while testing Oracle’s database in-memory, he measured 100x faster query speeds than what is currently available.

M6 Big Memory Machine

Ellison also touched on the M6 Big Memory Machine, calling it “terabyte-scale computing.”  In short, Ellison promises that it will be able to transmit data at an astounding 3 terabytes per second.

Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance

Another introduction by Ellison’s keynote was for the Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance.  The name is a mouthful, coined by Ellison himself, but it is designed to make sure that you do not lose any data or anything else on your database.  It would make a system administrator’s life easier, even allowing him or her to conduct point-in-time recovery.

Ellison explains that the current backup appliances are not designed for databases.  So what happens is that these will treat your database as files.  You lose data, you experience slowdowns and it will be a pain to scale.  Ellison says that the new Oracle Database Backup Logging Recovery Appliance will get rid of those weaknesses by allowing you to have real-time log shipping, to minimize the load on your network and to be highly scalable.  What’s more, the new system offers end-to-end visibility.

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