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What you need to know about the latest version of Appliance Manager for Oracle Database Appliance

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With Oracle Database Appliance, you no longer have to spend on capacity that you do not use, or will not use right now.

Ensuring high availability can prove to be very costly and it can take a lot of time. And this is why database administrators would surely rejoice with Oracle’s release of a new Appliance Manager software that works with Oracle Database Appliance.

The Oracle Database Appliance is a complete engineered system from Oracle, working on Intel Xeon processors. The new system supports Oracle Database 12c. So if you buy the Oracle Database Appliance, you can take advantage of Oracle Database 12c’s unique features such as multi-tenancy and in memory. You can make use of the integrated database-specific IP, helping you have a test and development appliance.

Before this, Oracle customers needed to use around five to seven times as many systems to get into test and development in order to thoroughly test different aspects of their application. You need this many systems for different testing stages such as user acceptance testing, stress testing and integration testing. As you can imagine, it can be time consuming and costly to create and maintain all of these test and development systems.

You can say goodbye to all these with Oracle Appliance Manager Software. With the new software, you can get quick snapshots of both the virtual machines and databases in your system so that you can create and provision test and development environments. This helps ensure that you have better applications and even faster time to market. What’s more, the Appliance Manager also helps you use your disk space in an efficient manner, by using copy on write technology for the snapshots. That means that only changes are written to the snapshot so it does not consume too much disk space.

The development and testing capability is a core functionality of the Oracle Database Appliance, and Oracle is hoping that it would attract more users to use Oracle Database 12c.

The Database Appliance is targeted towards the broader market and is one of the company’s moves to offer different engineered systems for different user requirements. For instance, Oracle also offers Exadata Database Machine for those working with relational data, while the Big Data Appliance is geared towards those who are dealing with huge amounts of unstructured data on a Hadoop environment. Exalytics is for analytics, and Exalogic is for middleware.

On the other end of the spectrum, Oracle also has general purpose systems, such as Super Cluster and Virtual Compute Appliance.

So if you have a requirement for testing and development environments in your company, you might want to cut down on costs and complexity by getting Oracle Database Appliance. Not only will you be able to use Oracle Database 12c and its cutting edge features and functionalities, you can also reduce the number of systems that you have to procure, install, configure and maintain as well as save on storage costs.

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